How to Prevent Morning Sickness


  **This is a guest post from my long time friend, Lindsey Morrow of  She is awesomesauce!  She has graciously agreed to share tons of great info from her new eBook, Morning Sickness Remedies.**   Hi! I’m Lindsey! What I’m about to share with you is of epic proportions and included in my new… [read more]

Can You Prevent Morning Sickness?


Is there any way to prevent morning sickness? I’m on a mission to find that out. I’ve had severe morning sickness for all three of my pregnancies, but this last time was by far the worst. I wasn’t officially diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (the pregnancy complication of excessive vomiting/nausea that can sometimes be dangerous.) But… [read more]

7 Things to Never (EVER) Say to a Pregnant Woman

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 1.31.28 PM

OK, so at 33 weeks pregnant with my third little one, I was getting grouchy and irritable with third trimester discomforts. And then there’s the fact that I’m only 5’2” (OK, fine! 5’ 1.5”!) and because there’s just nowhere for baby to go but out, I always carry huge. Even though I’m on round three,… [read more]

7 Natural Ways to Avoid an Induction


You passed your due date. You’re huge, uncomfortable, sick of being pregnant, and oh-so-eager to meet your baby. Your midwife or OB-GYN suggests an induction. Do you have any other options? Yes! There are many natural ways to help kick labor into gear and they’re worth trying before scheduling that induction! Why Avoid an Induction?… [read more]

I Hate Pregnancy: A Handy Guide for a Tough First Trimester


Time for some honesty: I hate being pregnant. Now don’t get me wrong. I love my babies. I love motherhood. But the first trimester and I are not friends. The first 3-4 months of pregnancy are a roller coaster of misery for me. The unyielding nausea, vomiting, and exhaustion make labor seem like a walk… [read more]

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Envision your Dream Birth Plan

MBL birth plan

When we wrote our birth plan for our first baby, my husband and I were surprised to realize how many things we hadn’t thought about before. Who was going to cut the cord? Did we want our newborn wiped off or just handed directly to me for skin-to-skin contact? Did we want to circumcise? Eek!… [read more]

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The Adventure of Motherhood


We recently got the wonderful news that we’re expecting Baby #3. (Yay!) I thought by the third time around, discovering we were pregnant would feel old hat. It didn’t. I was just as shocked and in awe at this news as the first time we found out we were expecting. Truly. I literally screamed “I’M… [read more]

My Swollen Vagina and Other Things Nobody Told Me About Pregnancy

My Swollen Vagina + Other Things Nobody Told Me About Pregnancy

When I was going through my first trimester blues, I was noticing all these changes happening to my body, particularly, to my vagina. I keep thinking, “Great, not only I’m do I have one random stretch mark on my growing ass, but now I have a labia that has swollen past my panties.” Not a… [read more]

Why I Want a Doula

MBL doula

As someone who has been a Certified Doula for almost a decade now (I haven’t taken on clients for years though) I am thrilled Becky is hiring a Doula!  She is correct, it is money well spent.  We all know the age old stats, births with Doulas have better “outcomes” but it is also just… [read more]

Project Conception


When you spend more than a decade doing your darnedest not to get pregnant, you start thinking that the moment you let your birth control guard down a baby will magically appear in your womb. We were so confident conceiving wouldn’t be an issue that we told people, “we aren’t trying, but we’re not NOT trying.” A couple months… [read more]

Home Birth vs Hospital Birth


Planning a home birth takes a lot of courage, just like doing anything against social norm – it takes courage to break away from the pack.  It’s not for everyone, and I do believe that a woman should birth where she feels the most safe.  But my wish for women is what Becky is doing… [read more]

Ugh … I’ve Got The First Trimester Blues

MBL first tri

I love Becky’s honesty in this post.  When I read about celebrities or other mothers gushing about how awesome pregnancy and newborn life is, I want to yell at my computer: “LIARS!  Tell the people the truth!”  It is true having a baby is amazing, but it ain’t sunshine and roses all the time. One… [read more]