Host Your Own DIY Spa Party!


  Have you ever been to one of those parties where you feel obligated to buy something? You know, like Pampered Chef or Thirty-One Gifts, those type things. I personally love those parties and I am always totally down to go and buy while I’m there, because I think the socializing is fun (and socializing… [read more]

DIY Lunch Box Notes

DIY lunch box notes

After spring break last year, Penelope started noticing that some of her friends had lunch box notes in their lunch, specifically ones with knock-knock jokes.  She asked me to start leaving knock-knock jokes in her lunch box,too. I quickly looked up some knock-knock jokes and asked the M+BL Facebook community for ideas, too, and then… [read more]

Mom, You Lied About Breastfeeding

lucy breastfeeding

“You’re going to love nursing your baby,” my mom told me as we folded tiny blue onesies and waited for my first child to decide it was time to emerge from the cozy womb. “There’s nothing like it. It’s so special. You bond so much as you breastfeed and it’s wonderful to watch your baby… [read more]

How I Almost Became The Smug Mom

MBL smug

  My daughter was the perfect baby. She was born after an easy, drug-free, natural labor. She took to breastfeeding like a duck to water and consumed nothing but breastmilk for her first seven months. She didn’t even know that bottles existed. I practiced ecological breastfeeding and wasn’t separated from her for more than a… [read more]

Sanity-Saving Moments of Renewal for Mamas


When I had my first baby, I was so focused on the pregnancy and preparing myself for a natural birth that I didn’t do a lot of mental preparation for motherhood. And I soon discovered that motherhood is hard. For me, one of the most difficult transitions was getting used to the idea that I… [read more]

The Adventure of Motherhood


We recently got the wonderful news that we’re expecting Baby #3. (Yay!) I thought by the third time around, discovering we were pregnant would feel old hat. It didn’t. I was just as shocked and in awe at this news as the first time we found out we were expecting. Truly. I literally screamed “I’M… [read more]