Envision your Dream Birth Plan

MBL birth plan

When we wrote our birth plan for our first baby, my husband and I were surprised to realize how many things we hadn’t thought about before. Who was going to cut the cord? Did we want our newborn wiped off or just handed directly to me for skin-to-skin contact? Did we want to circumcise? Eek!… [read more]

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Why I Want a Doula

MBL doula

As someone who has been a Certified Doula for almost a decade now (I haven’t taken on clients for years though) I am thrilled Becky is hiring a Doula!  She is correct, it is money well spent.  We all know the age old stats, births with Doulas have better “outcomes” but it is also just… [read more]

Home Birth vs Hospital Birth


Planning a home birth takes a lot of courage, just like doing anything against social norm – it takes courage to break away from the pack.  It’s not for everyone, and I do believe that a woman should birth where she feels the most safe.  But my wish for women is what Becky is doing… [read more]