Confessions of a Reluctant Composter

MBL compost

  My husband and I have a certain attitude toward our urban garden. I like to think of it as “simplicity,” but with a little more honesty, I might admit to “laziness” being our gardening style. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, so we like to keep our homesteading as uncomplicated as possible. Our attitude… [read more]

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How to Eat the Best Tomato of Your Life


Ever wonder how to take your enjoyment of food to a new level? The answer might be a major shift in your food lifestyle to embrace seasonal eating. Until college, a tomato was a tomato to me. It certainly wasn’t a food I would ever want to bite into all by itself. You pick them… [read more]

Flavor in Your Front Yard: Starting an Herb Garden


It’s still wintry and chilly outside, but it’s time to start planning for your Spring garden. And for those of us in the deep south, spring gardening is already in full swing now that we’re had our last frost (fingers crossed!). If you’ve never tried out your green thumb before (and even if you have)… [read more]

Building Raised Beds for Your Garden

MBL raised

Raised beds are a great option for an urban garden. Our favorite things to grow in raised beds are carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, basil, parsley, cilantro, lettuce, squash, beans, and peas, but you can use them to grow just about anything.  And for certain plants, raised beds really help them thrive because of… [read more]

How to Harvest Sunflower Seeds

MBL sunflower

We grew sunflowers for the first time this year in our garden. I fell in love with having these cheery yellow giants waving in our yard. They brighten up the garden and add fun and warmth to the home when placed in a vase on the dining room table. What I didn’t know until this… [read more]