MBL Freezer Recipes

Mama and Baby Love Freezer Meals

Learning about bulk cooking and making freezer meals is single-handedly the most transformative thing in my role as a mother and wife. It is the most important skill a woman needs to learn if she wants to have enough time for all her passions and get a healthy dinner on the table every night. Bulk… [read more]

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How to Stay Cool Naturally this Summer

Natural Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

If gets hotter than Hades in the summertime where you live, then read on to learn lots of tips to stay cool naturally in the summertime. I am a third … [read more]

Healing Summer Camp (1)

Healing Summer Camp for Mamas

Hi sweet mama! So glad you are here. I want to tell you about my awesome summer program full of art, meditation and journaling and one-on-one time with me and … [read more]

Trail Mix Featured Blog Post Image

Freezer-Friendly, Truly Healthy, Trail Mix Recipe

When I started substitute teaching at my daughter's preschool this year, snack time became serious business. In the past, while working at home I could just go … [read more]

The BEST DIY Cleaning Recipes-Featured Blog Post Graphic

The BEST DIY Cleaning Recipes

There seem to be a million different non-toxic cleaning recipes on the intranets, these are tried and true ones that I think are the best. My go-to homemade … [read more]

Flower Pot Paleo Chocolate Pudding

Flower Pot Dessert {Paleo “dirt” chocolate pudding}

My sweet P goes to an awesome preschool with a strong play-based learning environment. The kids get lots of free play inside and out, lots of creative projects … [read more]


Why Women Really Cut Their Hair

Hello March, I am so glad to see you. February was kind of rough. Between the bitter cold and deary cloudy days making me mopey and the lovely letter from the … [read more]

Alligator Point-1 2015

Good times at Alligator Point

It's been a pretty mild winter in North Florida this year. I like to think God is helping to make our transition from the year-round beach life in Jupiter to … [read more]


Yup, I am Gonna Talk About Vaginal Steam Baths

Oh Lordy, y'all are gonna think I am insane. But I have already talked about energy healing, eating my placenta and making sure your uterus is in the right … [read more]