Loose water weight fast!

Lose Water Weight with Dandelion-Cranberry Tea

Dandelion-Cranberry Tea helps drop a couple pounds of water weight very fast.  It’s my go-to trick when I am feeling puffy or flabby, depending on what my diet has been like and where I am at in my cycle. You can see results within 24 hours! This was inspired by a recipe I saw on Pinterest,… [read more]

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Chicken and Grape Bake Recipe

I made this recipe from my cookbook From Your Garden To Your Family a few weeks ago for my family and I thought I would share because it's one of our favorites … [read more]


Host Your Own DIY Spa Party!

  Have you ever been to one of those parties where you feel obligated to buy something? You know, like Pampered Chef or Thirty-One Gifts, those type … [read more]

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Double Your Eyelashes The Natural Way

If you are in the mood to really let your light shine bright and be seen, check out my new obsession! Younique mascara. After living in Palm Beach … [read more]


Back To School Style for Mama

I am such a HUGE fan of Stitch Fix. Words really cannot even describe how much I love this company. When they first launched, I was one of the first in line … [read more]

DIY lunch box notes

DIY Lunch Box Notes

After spring break last year, Penelope started noticing that some of her friends had lunch box notes in their lunch, specifically ones with knock-knock jokes. … [read more]

turtle rescue2

Transitions and Turtle Rescue

I still miss Tallahassee and my friends so much, but beach living is beautiful. Penelope dubbed this summer "Mama and Penelope Camp" because she refused to … [read more]

bulk cooking freezer meals to go

Freezer Meals To-Go Menu

All week I've been sharing some of my most cherished freezer friendly recipes. They have also all been recipes individual portions with a combo of protein and … [read more]

Spinach Pie

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Spinach Pie

  This is a recipe that is in From Your Garden To Your Family, 50 fresh, grain-free recipes for every season (which is included in my eCookbook bundle … [read more]

Bulk Cooking Freezer Meal Real Food Mini Meatloaf

Freezer Friendly, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Mini Meatloaf

These freezer friendly mini meatloaves are super tasty and make for an easy meal on the go. It's so easy to grab a mini meatloaf on the way out the door when I … [read more]

Bulk Cooking Freezer Meals Real Food Chicken Tenders

Grain-Free, Dairy-Free Chicken Tenders

Chicken fingers are a big hit in this house. I have made many different versions that we love dearly. If you are grain free, but can eat dairy, these nuggets … [read more]

Opas Empanadas Gluten Free Real Food Freezer Bulk Cooking

Opa’s Empanadas

This recipe was in my original slow cooker freezer recipes cookbook. It's my father-in-law's recipe, hence the name, Opa's Empanadas.  My in-laws are immigrants … [read more]

Freezer 102 #11.jpg

Fill Your Freezer Before School Starts!

I cannot stress enough how important mastering freezer cooking is in reaching your health goals.  If you are a mom, you probably want to eat real food and be … [read more]