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My Favorite Things, Ever Skincare and More!

Hi loves! One of my favorite things is to share about my favorite things.  According to the book The Tipping Point, there are certain types of archetypes people usually fall into: Maven, Connector and Salesperson.   I think I am combo of Connector and Salesperson. Sometimes I get hung up on the “sales” part of… [read more]

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Apothecary Kids

One of my dearest blogging friends, Donielle from Natural Fertility and Awareness and author of Naturally Knocked Up, has started a new business called … [read more]

Milk, Sweat and Tears blog post image

Milk, Sweat and Tears. What To Do When Your Baby Won’t Nurse.

Not being able to breastfeed your baby, when you really, really, really want to, is the worst feeling as a mother. I have written extensively about … [read more]


How to do a Capsule Wardrobe

It's been a year now that I have started doing Capsule Wardrobes and I still love it! Some things that have helped is reading up on Capsule Wardrobes … [read more]

2015 Reading List Blog post featured image graphic

Summer Reading List

This is a list of mostly newly released books, perfect for mamas who are into self-help, eating healthy, making art and conscious parenting. Now that school … [read more]

Natural Remedies to Treat and Kill Lice feature image post

Natural Home Remedies to Treat and Kill Lice That Really Work

Oh, lice.  How I really dislike you. (I would like to say I hate lice, but I'm trying to teach my daughter not to use the word hate and I try very hard to not … [read more]

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Blueberry Season Recipes

  It's blueberry season! One of my favorite times of year.  We go blueberry picking every summer and then I also buy pounds and pounds of bluberries to … [read more]

How to Stay Cool Naturally this Summer

Natural Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

If gets hotter than Hades in the summertime where you live, then read on to learn lots of tips to stay cool naturally in the summertime. I am a third … [read more]

Healing Summer Camp (1)

Healing Summer Camp for Mamas

Hi sweet mama! So glad you are here. I want to tell you about my awesome summer program full of art, meditation and journaling and one-on-one time with me and … [read more]