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kids yoga rain big 370

How freaking cute is this picture?!  It was drizzling on this day and Penelope said she wanted to go outside and do yoga in the rain.  Who am I to say no?  So for about ten minutes she was doing mountain, warrior and tree poses, outside, in the rain, naked. I am a Certified Yoga… [read more]

A Yoga Burrito


This picture may look like I am torturing my child, but we are playing the Burrito game! I learned the Burrito game when I attended my Itsy Bitsy Yoga training ( I have been a Certified Itsy Bitsy Yoga Facilitator since 2006). It is a fun game to play when your yoga class has started to loose… [read more]

Baby, Tot, & Tyke Yoga: Star Pose!


The other week when we went to the beach, we did a little yoga.  Miss Penelope and I love to do yoga outside spontaneously.  Yoga has so many benefits, but one of the reasons I love sharing it with Penelope is that it is a form of play.   And playing with your child is so… [read more]

Tree Pose

Steph in tree

This picture was taken by Robin Adams Photography back 2006, right before I opened up my yoga studio. I used this picture in some marketing collateral.  Seems like another lifetime ago!  Otherwise known as life BP (before Penelope). I love tree pose so stinkin’ much.  It is one of those poses, where when you look… [read more]

Spontaneous Yoga!


Here a few pictures of Penelope doing yoga on our trip to California. Pretty much where ever she goes, she will bust out into some spontaneous yoga. It’s amazing to watch. Some Down Dog. Some Donkey. And Frog Pose. And a little Rolio, in the middle of a hike.   I posted some of our… [read more]

Yoga for Your Child: Frog Pose


Frog Pose, for your child, is essentially Garland Pose (also known as Squat Pose.)  So Mamas, when you are demonstrating this pose for your child, YOU get all the benefits!  And whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or somewhere on your post partum journey, this pose is SO good for you. What I love… [read more]

Child Yoga: Donkey!


Donkey is the next stage of advancement after your child has learned Down Dog and later mastered. It’s such a fun yoga pose for your child.  The pride they feel when they can accomplish it, is priceless. So just like any other pose, you show them the pose first and then ask them to do… [read more]

Butterfly Pose for Tots


Butterfly pose is such a fun and easy pose for your toddler. You can start teaching this pose as soon as they have mastered sitting up. In fact, most babies, as they are learning to balance while sitting up, will naturally put their feet together in front of their bodies,  to create a more stable… [read more]

Penelope the Yoga Teacher


This is one of Penelope’s favorite things to do.  She likes to play yoga teacher and put her dolls into yoga positions. Oh, she makes her Mama proud. Here she is putting Dolly into Plow Pose or maybe its Toes to Nose. And now she is rolling her over to do Kicky Cobra. So fascinating… [read more]

Yoga Wednesday: Bridge Pose!


This is a picture of some of the little yogis in a past Tot yoga class. Aren’t they cutie pies!? They are all doing Bridge Pose. As this age, it is heavily assisted by parent or caregiver but as they grow and develop, they start to do it on their own. Eventually they will even… [read more]

Perfecting Down Dog!


Sweet baby girl is perfecting her Down Dog these days. It’s so beautiful to see her do yoga throughout her day. She will just be playing or crawling around and get the urge to do some yoga and bam! She wipes out Down Dog. She is really into Warrior and Kicky Kobra too. When I… [read more]

Tot Yoga: Warrior!


This is the tot pose for Warrior. This pose is so much fun once baby can stand! They don’t have to be able to stand by themselves, just be able to stand while holding onto something. They love it! First to get them to come over to the wall. Try to let them crawl over… [read more]

Baby and Tot Yoga are BACK!


This is a video of Penelope learning how to take a deep breath and say Om!  She JUST figured this out.  All it took was one hour of yoga with older toddlers (This week I starting teaching a local preschool, one hour a week) doing it and she figured it out.  I am constantly amazed… [read more]

Baby/Tot Yoga VIDEO: So Big!


This is a video of Penelope doing her first yoga pose all by herself!  It’s called So Big. The way you do it is you sit on the floor with your legs together and feet pointed up towards the ceiling.  Make sure both sits bones on are the floor (your sits bones are the bony… [read more]

Baby/Tot Yoga: Moon Toe!


Penelope is growing up! We have recently started to only do Tot yoga poses! She no longer wants to be on her back, whether we are doing yoga or a diaper change. A lot of babies naturally do Moon Toe as a part of their body development. If you see them doing this on their… [read more]

Baby/Tot/Mama Yoga: Twistee!


This pose is a great back stretch for our little babies. Its similar to the adult yoga pose Supine Spinal Twist. Supine means to lay on your back, by the way. To do this pose, for baby, tot or mama, lay on your back. Bring your knees together and drop them both to one side.… [read more]