I am Catholic and I am Pro Gay Marriage

MBL gay

I have sat on this post for months, too terrified to actually publish it. But when my 17 year old cousin committed suicide a few weeks ago, possibly in part because he was struggling with being gay, it was the last straw. This post was originally about me being pro-gay marriage, but  I will not… [read more]



Last year during fig season I made this pie. It was AMAZING. Best pie I have ever made. And its because of the figs. Picked at the peak of flavor, from a local farmer, Turkey Hill Farm.  They are a part of the Red Hill Farm Alliance, if you are on Facebook you should check… [read more]

This Moment: Happy Family!


My family and I just got back from an amazing trip to California.  My husband drove out by him self and stayed with friends and went to several national parks.  Penelope and I flew out to meet him and we all stayed with friends in Ventura, California.  We planned on just going to the beach… [read more]

This Moment: Getting on a Plane!


So if you are on our Facebook page, you know all about the awesomeness of Penelope starting a low grade fever right before bedtime last night. The night before we leave for a very needed two week vacation that involves her first time on a plane and flying across the country. Ah, the joys of… [read more]

This Moment: Return to Fertility


Did you see my article in the Summer Edition of Rhythm of the Home?  I love being a part of this publication. I am as proud of the pictures, as I am of the article! I still have a long way to go, in regards to my photography skills, but to those of you who… [read more]

This Moment: Bottle AND Boob


This pictures speaks very clearly to what my breastfeeding relationship with Penelope has been like. The bottle is in focus and me and Penelope are in the background, slightly out of focus. I love how you can see me doing hand compressions. If I want to her to get milk, this is what I have… [read more]