My New Office and Annie Sloan Paint Tutorial

new office13

Back in March, I signed a lease and opened a little office in Jupiter, Florida, where my family and I moved last May, after living in Tallahassee, Florida for 14 years. It was really hard for me to leave my beloved Tallahassee, with all the huge Live Oak trees that were just as much my… [read more]

Save your Toys and Toes with a Pebble Bag

MBL pebble

One sweet, cherubic-cheeked child = 5011 bits, bobs and playthings strewn about the floor. Perhaps you can relate? When Girl Wonder was little, maybe 5 or 6, it didn’t matter one lick how many bins and baskets I had artfully arranged to collect her debris. Puppy Playhouse pieces (do they even still make those?) would… [read more]

Making a Waldorf Doll


My daughter turned 2 in October. For a long time, really since I was pregnant, I had my eye on those neat Waldorf dolls. I saw them talked about and featured on so many different blogs, talking about the natural fibers and beautiful simplicity. The ones that struck me the most were people talking about… [read more]

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Fat Quarter Summer Top

polka7 199

The other day I bought an adorable black and white polka dot top from Jcrew for myself.  A little while later, I saw this fabric at Joann’s and decided Penelope needed a summer top so we could be the matchy-matchy queens that we are.

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The $4, 5 Minute, Napkin Dress


This is one of those project ideas, like my dishtowel dress, that could easily go either way.  Into the absolute-genius-category or the what-in-the-f-were-you-thinking-category. You can be the judge for yourself, but I am pretty pleased with how it came out. I bought some napkins at World Market, for $2 each.  I used one napkin for… [read more]

The Great Felt Food Exchange

My HipstaPrint 836645569 (8)

This Easter, Penelope got lots of goodies in her basket.  We did our Easter tradition of a new swimsuit and towel and she also got a ton of felt food. I participated in a Felt Food Exchange with 11 other friends.  My friend Kristy, from the blog Where Do Butterflies Sleep, coordinated it.  Each person… [read more]

Inspired to Sew


I haven’t done much sewing in the last several months.  I really can’t even remember the last thing I sewed, it was probably around Penelope’s 2nd Birthday. With being pregnant and on bed rest, then miscarrying, I was barely keeping up with work and parenting.  Sewing went to the back burner, for sure. But then I… [read more]

Zipper-Free, Removable, Pillow Cover DIY


I can’t even tell you how long I have been working on these pillows!  I bought fabric months and months ago! I bought the fabric at a local shop that did a Groupon. So I got everything 50% off. First I started with these.  I love the texture and feel of these pillows and of… [read more]

$2 Dishtowel Christmas Pillowcase Dress


Yup,  I made my daughter I dress out of dishtowels. It is one of those things that could go very wrong or very right.  I wasn’t convinced it was right, until she tried it on and then I felt pretty damn good.  But Penelope would look cute in a potato sack, so I am not… [read more]

Recycle, Reuse Refashion: Infinity Scarf for Mama


While I was making some new scarves for Penelope, I did a scarf refashion for myself. I have had this big, chunky scarf for almost 10 years and I love it. It keeps me so warm!  But it was huge and it had some stains on the ends of it. So I cut off the… [read more]

DIY Baby Infiniti Scarf


I was so excited when the cooler weather arrived because Penelope and I love to wear scarves.  Last year she wore a scarf of some kind, pretty much every day.   As I started pulling out her scarves, I noticed a couple of things.  The original one I made, was a regular, long rectangular scarf.… [read more]

Easy DIY Baby Gift


One of the blessings of being a woman of childbearing age myself, is that I know lots of other women of childbearing age, that are busy bearing children.  And that means I want to give lots of gifts and go to lots of showers. I mentioned on the MBL Facebook page, that I love kids… [read more]

Bean Bag Chair Cover Tutorial


I searched and searched online and could not really find a great bean bag tutorial.  The best I could find was this, and it helped me understand the concept of making a spherical shape, but I still didn’t really like it. So as usual, I just winged it and did whatever the hell I wanted to do,… [read more]

FSU Pillow Case Dress with Ruffle from HootyCutie Designs

MBL hooty

HootyCutie Designs, who did the awesome Party Banner Tutorial for us last week, sent Penelope a pillow case dress recently.  When she asked if she could make Penelope a dress, at first I thought, she already has too many from what I have made her, but my curiosity of wanting to see how she sewed… [read more]

Party Banner Tutorial


Niki, of HootyCutie Designs was kind enough to do a guest tutorial for all you lovelys.  She is an amazingly, talented seamstress and has just started up her own Etsy business.  Please give her a warm welcome and check out this very detailed and through tutorial!  She puts my sewing tutorials to shame!  Take it… [read more]

A Skirt For Mama, Part Two

MBL skirt

So you all know I have attempted and failed to make a skirt for myself before.  Having Bethany’s expertise to guide me, was all that was needed. I don’t know about you, but if I can get someone show me how to make something or cook something, I can pick it up immediately.  But to… [read more]