Can You Prevent Morning Sickness?


Is there any way to prevent morning sickness? I’m on a mission to find that out. I’ve had severe morning sickness for all three of my pregnancies, but this last time was by far the worst. I wasn’t officially diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (the pregnancy complication of excessive vomiting/nausea that can sometimes be dangerous.) But… [read more]

Tapping To Reduce Toddler Meltdowns


Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a healing tool I have used for nearly a decade. At first, it was something I only did in therapy sessions with the therapist walking me through the process. As I became more comfortable with the technique, I started using it by myself at home, in the shower,… [read more]

Natural Deodorant that Actually Works

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Trying to find a natural deodorant that really works is like searching for the Holy Grail. I know because I have been searching for one since I was 18. Most women, like myself, have the best intentions for their health, but after trying every natural deodorant known to man, they give up and just stick… [read more]

20 Great Ways to Take Care of Yourself!

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I am a huge believer in self care.  Taking care of yourself is vital to both your health and your ability to care for another person. I spent years wishing I had been mothered and taken care of better, but then it dawned on me that I could just take care of myself. Instead of hoping… [read more]

Placenta Encapsulation

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Last year I took a certification course from Full Circle Encapsulation and learned how to encapsulate placentas. I had no intention of doing it for a living, but I am so glad I got the information.  I feel that information about placentas is really a lost art and I am thrilled to be a part… [read more]

Balancing Hormones for Conception

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Since this spring I have felt the call and tug of a little soul wanting into our family.  At first the tug was gentle and patient because I was not ready yet. I flatly asked the soul for patience during our communication through meditation (check out this guided meditation I recorded to help you connect with… [read more]

Understanding Your Child Better with Chinese Face Reading

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One of my biggest goals as a mother is to understand my daughter as best I can.  Not only do I want to a good mother, I want to be the kind of mother she needs.  I want to be able to be flexible to meet her needs and in the her unique ways.  I… [read more]

Detox Baths


I love taking a bath at night as a way to relax and unwind, they have long been a place a solace and restoration for me.  When I pregnant with Penelope, I took one every night and used that time to talk and connect with her spirit.  They are the most cost effective self care/body… [read more]

Natural Remedies for Fever, Stuffy Nose, and Ear Infection

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Over the years my homeopathic remedy cabinet has grown. Each time a new illness pops up I learn how to treat with homeopathy. Very quickly it became my go to way to treat anything. I think that very rarely do people need antibiotics, I am talking a handful of times in your lifetime, not a… [read more]

Causes of a Displaced Uterus


This is the year of the uterus here at M+BL!  I took a life-changing training back in January about how to put a uterus back into it’s proper place.  I also learned about all the health issues that can manifest in women who have a displaced uterus and some amazing self-healing tools like Vaginal Steam… [read more]

Essential Oils That Are Really Essential

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Some people have asked me what my favorite and absolute must-have essential oils are, so I thought I would do a little post to share and explain. I have used Young Living Essential oils since 2005. I have tried regular store bought essential oils, and I can really see the difference in Young Living, they… [read more]

Amazing, Delicious, Gluten-Free Lactation Cookies

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When I was pumping, I did everything known to man to increase my supply because I was gifted with the life experience of having to exclusively pump for my daughter in order to breastfeed her. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the M+BL breastfeeding archives to learn about my daughter, Penelope, and… [read more]