The $4, 5 Minute, Napkin Dress


This is one of those project ideas, like my dishtowel dress, that could easily go either way.  Into the absolute-genius-category or the what-in-the-f-were-you-thinking-category. You can be the judge for yourself, but I am pretty pleased with how it came out. I bought some napkins at World Market, for $2 each.  I used one napkin for… [read more]

$2 Dishtowel Christmas Pillowcase Dress


Yup,  I made my daughter I dress out of dishtowels. It is one of those things that could go very wrong or very right.  I wasn’t convinced it was right, until she tried it on and then I felt pretty damn good.  But Penelope would look cute in a potato sack, so I am not… [read more]

Recycle, Reuse Refashion: Infinity Scarf for Mama


While I was making some new scarves for Penelope, I did a scarf refashion for myself. I have had this big, chunky scarf for almost 10 years and I love it. It keeps me so warm!  But it was huge and it had some stains on the ends of it. So I cut off the… [read more]

Monogram Applique


Ya’ll know I am on an applique kick.  Well, here is another applique shirt I did.  This one was a gift for a sweet little boy named Owen, for his first birthday.  If you are local, his mom, Vanessa, has a great local blog. I wanted to make Owen something, but I don’t really know… [read more]

Felt Flower Headband


These make me squeel they are so sweet and pretty!  I got the headbands in the little girl department at Target, a packet of 4 for $2.99, so they are a little bit big on Penelope, but they fit me too.  I rocked the pink one the other day when I was wearing a pink… [read more]

Last Minute Homemade Gift Ideas


Like you don’t have 5 million other things to be doing right now, but JUST in case, here are few super cute, last minute, homemade, and best of all, EASY and CHEAP gift ideas. These are some organic sugar body scrubs I made. Here is the full tute here. It was very easy. I put… [read more]