Prenatal Yoga For Back Relief


Doing a lazy post today and simply sharing my guest post over at Code Name: Mama.  I wrote about some of the most important yoga poses to do to relieve back pain during pregnancy. What pose helps you the most when you have an achy back?  If you don’t practice yoga (if you don’t you… [read more]

Should I go to a prenatal yoga class?


This is a picture of some of the lovely ladies that were in my Prenatal Yoga class that I took at Journeys in Yoga during my third trimester. I lobbied the owner of Journeys the first two trimesters to bring Prenatal Yoga back, because I was so sick of doing yoga while pregnant next to… [read more]

2 Minute Mama Yoga


Got two minutes? Good! Do some yoga! Full hour yoga classes are very few and far between these days. In truth, I have been to one, count em, one yoga class since I was pregnant. BUT I try and do yoga in small snippets whenever I can. I like this little routine because its super… [read more]