The Power of Silence: 3-Minute Meditations

MBL silence

My head is a busy, loud place. Know that feeling? Self-criticism. To-do lists. Frustration. Plans. Hopes. The positive tangles with the negative. No matter how many time outs I give myself the volume level still gets deafening. I’m building a habit of practicing silence. Duct tape the voices inside my head. At least the ones… [read more]

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Tree Pose

Steph in tree

This picture was taken by Robin Adams Photography back 2006, right before I opened up my yoga studio. I used this picture in some marketing collateral.  Seems like another lifetime ago!  Otherwise known as life BP (before Penelope). I love tree pose so stinkin’ much.  It is one of those poses, where when you look… [read more]

Perfectionism and Yoga


I just finished reading the book, Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses.  My friend Lia, over at The Little Cafe at the End of the World was doing a virtual book club on it.  I can’t rave about it enough!  It is full of magical personal insights, so it reads like a self-help book,… [read more]

Mama Yoga: Legs Up the Wall Pose


After child’s pose, this is probably my most favorite yoga pose of. all. time.  Can you see a theme with my style of yoga?  I like my yoga to very restorative (read: lazy and easy). I love this picture so much!  I had my husband snap this picture while we were in our room at… [read more]

Mama Meditation: Saa,Taa,Naa,Maa


I love this meditation.  It is so simple and easy, and unlike a traditional meditation where you just focus on your breath, this one gives you something to do.  And for me, if their is movement and rhythm involved,  I am much more likely to do it at all, and much more likely to stay… [read more]

Yoga Mama’s Way to Reduce Frustration


It’s been a frustrating couple of days with Penelope being so sick. She has had two colds before this, but this Roseola really threw her for a loop and she was miserable for almost a week.  Constantly crying and cranky and wanting to be held and wanting to nurse all the time.  It reminded me… [read more]

10 Ways to Add Yoga to Your Daily Life


1.  Start your day off with yoga.  Before you even get out of bed do a simple child’s pose or cat/cow.  If you are even more motivated, do a couple of sun saluations and literally greet the sun with yoga! 2.  While in the car driving, you can chant Om or Sat Nam.  This is… [read more]

2 Minute Mama Yoga


Got two minutes? Good! Do some yoga! Full hour yoga classes are very few and far between these days. In truth, I have been to one, count em, one yoga class since I was pregnant. BUT I try and do yoga in small snippets whenever I can. I like this little routine because its super… [read more]

Baby/Tot/Mama Yoga: Twistee!


This pose is a great back stretch for our little babies. Its similar to the adult yoga pose Supine Spinal Twist. Supine means to lay on your back, by the way. To do this pose, for baby, tot or mama, lay on your back. Bring your knees together and drop them both to one side.… [read more]

Yoga for Mama and Child: Down Dog


Oh, how I love this pose! It’s one of my favorite yoga poses. It is a great all over body stretch and you are giving lots of muscles in your arms, back and legs a bit of work out too. Now, its been awhile since I have been in a regular yoga routine for myself,… [read more]