Healthy Deviled Eggs

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Did you know that fat is good for you?  I know, it’s really hard to wrap your mind around the idea when, for a generation, we have been told that low-fat is the way to be healthy and lose weight.  But they just had it plain ass-backwards. You need lots of fat. Fat helps your brain,… [read more]

4 Good Reasons To Eat Local

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Ever since I moved to South Florida, I have been on the hunt for local food resources- the picture above is me at farmers market in Boulder when we visited last Fall. Back in Tallahassee, I knew all the farmers and where to go for what and who I could trust. It’s been a bit harder… [read more]


Morocco 8

In August of 2008, my husband and I took a trip to Morroco and it was a trip of a lifetime.   I am having a serious case of wunderlust right now and have such a itch to get on a plane and explore another country and culture, but since I can’t do that right… [read more]

How to Eat the Best Tomato of Your Life


Ever wonder how to take your enjoyment of food to a new level? The answer might be a major shift in your food lifestyle to embrace seasonal eating. Until college, a tomato was a tomato to me. It certainly wasn’t a food I would ever want to bite into all by itself. You pick them… [read more]

Mini Hamburgers for Toddlers and Kids

mini hamburgers

  Oh, how we love hamburgers in this house.  My  Argentinian husband is the consumate meat-and-potatoes guy.  Penelope has always been a huge fan of animal protein, and I – a once vegetarian/vegan turned grass fed, locally farmed meat lover,  love them too. Whenever we make hamburgers I always double the recipe and freeze some… [read more]

Is Organic Junk Food the Gateway Drug to Eating Healthy?

organic junk food

In the information age, we are constantly pulled between extremes of ideas and scientific understanding. We’re bombarded with conflicting information and powerful arguments to believe one thing or another. Many of us are left feeling guilty, or perhaps even superior, for our ideals or lack thereof. One pervasive idea is that junk food, of any… [read more]

How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken


Have you ever wondered how to cut up a whole chicken?  It’s pretty intimidating and it is something I had no idea how to do.  And since I buy whole chickens in bulk from a local farm, it’s a skill I needed to have.  I have gotten by without having this skill,  the last couple… [read more]

Should Kids Know How Their Meat Gets to the Table?


Our family is big on having kids in the kitchen because of the wonderful benefits of mastering valuable skills as well as spending quality time together. But it’s also important to us that our kids know where their food comes from. One of the great benefits of having an urban garden is the joy of including our… [read more]

The 80/20 Rule: Why Less Than Perfect is Perfectly Fine

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We’d all love to be perfect, right? But if one thing I’ve learned is that sometimes it’s better to be “real” than be “perfect”. I’m not going to eat a perfectly organic, healthy meal every time a bit of food passes my lips. Ladies, y’all know I eat some Chik-Fil-A! But if I can stick… [read more]

Totally Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Honey

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Honey is totally under appreciated and is a phenomenally healthy and tasty ingredient to use in baking and also crazy things like oh, face masks!   Here is a little round up things I bet you didn’t know about honey!  There are so many health benefits of raw honey! In its natural form, honey is… [read more]

Make Simple, Perfect Roast Chicken

MBL chicke

I was TER. RI. FIED. of roasting a chicken for a long, long, loooonng time.  Touching meat was mildly uncomfortable for me. Touching a whole chicken and having to stick my hand up its butt to pull out innards was just, well, hard. I had branded myself as the ultimate eff-up home cook and roasting… [read more]

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Chick-fil-A is Crap Food Even if it’s Delicious

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One day back in August, when I was still getting into the habit of our morning school routine, I made Penelope’s lunch but didn’t realize I forgot to actually take it with us until we were at school. Penelope goes to a school that is a good 30 minutes from our house, so I didn’t have time… [read more]

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Have You Had Your Fat Today?


“Eat the way your body was designed for you to eat, and a lot takes care of itself.” – Nora Gedgaudas* I’ve talked about the importance of fat a few times before. As the food on this blog is focused on the research done by Dr. Weston Price, the truth about saturated fat should already be… [read more]

The Power of a Pepper

MBL pepper

I’m guessing you’re seeing a picture of peppers. But your eyes are partly wrong. You have to look into the empty spaces. The blank spots. Then you can see what these really are. These came from my garden. I tilled the garden. I shoveled manure into the bed. I smelled like cow shit for 2… [read more]

What the F is a Mirepoix?


I had a local farm-to-table restaurant chef review my eCookbook since I am not a culinary schooled trained chef or even a very experienced home cook, although I am a good home cook! I was curious to know what he thought of my recipes, if any spices or ingredients needed to be added to make… [read more]

Nourish & Love Show Episode 1: Natural Makeup and Green Bell Pepper Freezing Tip

nela green peppers 241

In this episode, I talk about my natural makeup and beauty products and an easy way to freeze green bell peppers. This is my very first, official webshow!  I literally have been working on this all summer, because figuring out how to make videos is really, really difficult.  Big thanks to one of my multitalented writers, Becky,… [read more]