Healthy Deviled Eggs

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Did you know that fat is good for you?  I know, it’s really hard to wrap your mind around the idea when, for a generation, we have been told that low-fat is the way to be healthy and lose weight.  But they just had it plain ass-backwards. You need lots of fat. Fat helps your brain,… [read more]

4 Good Reasons To Eat Local

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Ever since I moved to South Florida, I have been on the hunt for local food resources- the picture above is me at farmers market in Boulder when we visited last Fall. Back in Tallahassee, I knew all the farmers and where to go for what and who I could trust. It’s been a bit harder… [read more]


Morocco 8

In August of 2008, my husband and I took a trip to Morroco and it was a trip of a lifetime.   I am having a serious case of wunderlust right now and have such a itch to get on a plane and explore another country and culture, but since I can’t do that right… [read more]

How to Eat the Best Tomato of Your Life


Ever wonder how to take your enjoyment of food to a new level? The answer might be a major shift in your food lifestyle to embrace seasonal eating. Until college, a tomato was a tomato to me. It certainly wasn’t a food I would ever want to bite into all by itself. You pick them… [read more]

Mini Hamburgers for Toddlers and Kids

mini hamburgers

  Oh, how we love hamburgers in this house.  My  Argentinian husband is the consumate meat-and-potatoes guy.  Penelope has always been a huge fan of animal protein, and I – a once vegetarian/vegan turned grass fed, locally farmed meat lover,  love them too. Whenever we make hamburgers I always double the recipe and freeze some… [read more]

Is Organic Junk Food the Gateway Drug to Eating Healthy?

organic junk food

In the information age, we are constantly pulled between extremes of ideas and scientific understanding. We’re bombarded with conflicting information and powerful arguments to believe one thing or another. Many of us are left feeling guilty, or perhaps even superior, for our ideals or lack thereof. One pervasive idea is that junk food, of any… [read more]