Taking Summer into Fall


I don’t know about you but at a certain point in the summer I begin to crave Fall! The scarves, the boots, the tights, oh my! It gets to the point where I refuse to buy anything that would not work for fall. Well, unless it is a great amazing deal, after all a deal… [read more]

Pinterest Love: Burlap Beautiful


I have burlap on my mind lately.  A friend of mine made a ridiculously cute Halloween pillow and then I started thinking that burlap over a white table cloth would be really cute for Penelope’s Apple themed 2nd birthday party. And then I thought how could would it be to do a burlap headboard for… [read more]

Pinterest Love: Fall Nature Crafts


Even though I am in North Florida and the highs are still in the low eighties/high seventies, there is some seasonal change around here.  The Live Oaks are dropping acorns.  Goldenrod is in bloom.  So are Mums.  Red Maples and Dogwoods are changing color too. I would love to do some fall crafts with Penelope… [read more]

Pinterest Love: Painted Wood


Before I met my husband, I was the kind of girl that would paint wood furniture all the time.  In college, almost every piece of furniture in my house was painted. I don’t know what it is, maybe I watched way too much HGTV my senior year of high school, but I just love the… [read more]

Pinterest Love: Purple Color Story


I have been in purple/lavender mood lately.  I don’t know if I am because I have been seeing it out when I shop or I was drawn to it first.  Either way, purple is a color that looks good on me and I love purple as a Fall color.  You can see all my purple pins… [read more]

Pinterest Love: Apple Birthday Party

I am officially in full birthday party planning mode!  So exciting! Last year, Pre-Pinterest, to find inspiration, for Penelope’s first birthday, I spent hours and hours and hours searching google and blogs to find ideas and tutorials.  Then I had to copy and save the link in a google document to refer back to it. But,… [read more]