Why Your Pets Should Eat Raw Meat

baby puppy 3 weeks (1)

    We have a new member of our family! I’m excited to introduce you to Sadie Sev Ella (named by Penelope, who has a flair for extravagant pet names – she named her goldfish Mowanda, Shoshawnda and Coral this summer). She is a pure-bred Boston Terrier and just turned 9 weeks old. Sadie is… [read more]

Goodbye Sky Dog

running in water

Oh, my beautiful Sky. You were SUCH a handsome dog. Our beloved family dog, Sky, affectionately known as Mr. Sky and Sky Dog, passed away last month. He was just shy of 11 years old. We thought for sure we would have more time with him. But from the moment we found out he was… [read more]

Healthy Pets As Part Of A Healthy Family


It’s engrained in our culture to disregard our pet’s nutrition and feed them something subpar to what we are feeding our families. It’s far more engrained in our culture to just not think about our pet’s nutrition at all than it is to not think about our own nutrition. But much like children, we choose… [read more]

Doggie Troubles


Meet Sky.  He looks pretty sweet, huh? Well, don’t let him fool you,  we are having major dog issues in our house. Sky, is a pitbull, read: highly emotional, is acting out like an angry toddler, but he is almost 9 years old. Peter came home today early, and upon arrival, he went straight to… [read more]

Eight is Great!

MBL sky

Happy 8th Birthday Sky! It’s been a rough 6 months for poor Sky, Penelope came into the world and dethroned him. He got kicked out his bed, I don’t take him on walks anymore because I can’t handle the stroller and him, we don’t make his food as much anymore and in general he gets… [read more]