Natural Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

How to Stay Cool Naturally this Summer

If gets hotter than Hades in the summertime where you live, then read on to learn lots of tips to stay cool naturally in the summertime. I am a third generation Floridian, born and raised in South Florida, so I know heat. The worst part about excessive heat is how crabby, grumpy and irritable it… [read more]

Healing Summer Camp for Mamas

Healing Summer Camp (1)

Hi sweet mama! So glad you are here. I want to tell you about my awesome summer program full of art, meditation and journaling and one-on-one time with me and support from other awesome, like-minded mamas. Healing Summer Camp for Mamas is a 7 week experience of personal growth and creative healing techniques that work… [read more]

Why Women Really Cut Their Hair


Hello March, I am so glad to see you. February was kind of rough. Between the bitter cold and deary cloudy days making me mopey and the lovely letter from the IRS that required over 100 hours of work to prove my business expenses for my 2012 tax return, and emotionally/logistically prepping for my first… [read more]

Why My Child Does W Sitting


W-sitting is when your child sits on the floor with knees together and feet on either side of their hips. It is called that because if you look at them from above, it looks like they are making a W with their body. If you see your child temporarily sitting in this position, or use… [read more]

Host Your Own DIY Spa Party!


  Have you ever been to one of those parties where you feel obligated to buy something? You know, like Pampered Chef or Thirty-One Gifts, those type things. I personally love those parties and I am always totally down to go and buy while I’m there, because I think the socializing is fun (and socializing… [read more]

Double Your Eyelashes The Natural Way

photo 3

If you are in the mood to really let your light shine bright and be seen, check out my new obsession! Younique mascara. After living in Palm Beach County, I started to notice that all the fashionable mamas here had these beautiful, long-but-natural looking eyelashes. Later, I found out they were fake eyelashes and the… [read more]

Back To School Style for Mama


I am such a HUGE fan of Stitch Fix. Words really cannot even describe how much I love this company. When they first launched, I was one of the first in line waiting for my fix. It was like the night before Christmas. Then my fix came and it was just like Christmas. I have… [read more]

Transitions and Turtle Rescue

turtle rescue2

I still miss Tallahassee and my friends so much, but beach living is beautiful. Penelope dubbed this summer “Mama and Penelope Camp” because she refused to go to camp this summer and only wanted to be with me. I was lucky enough to be able to rearrange my work schedule and make that happen.  To… [read more]

Tapping to Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed


Oh, tapping, how I love you.  And oh, I don’t know what would I do without you. As I mentioned before in Tapping To Reduce Toddler Meltdowns, Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a tool I have used for over a decade. It is great all around self healing tool and I relied heavily on it… [read more]

Healing For Mothers eBook!

fsu champs

  Healing for Mothers is an ebook that has been gestating in my mind for some time, and the first stage of the book is being born today! For a limited time, you can get this ebook for free when you sign up for my email newsletter (or if you are already on my email… [read more]

2013 Recap and 2014 Goals

best year yet

  Two years ago, I implemented a new way to do New Year’s Resolutions in hopes that it would give me a higher success rate of actually accomplishing my goals.  In the past, I would write a 4 page diatribe of everything that I wanted to improve on in my life and then at the… [read more]

Breathe In, Breathe Out


One of the most amazing things I have learned from my longtime healer and mentor, Mary Beth McBride, is to simply be with my emotions. Since Penelope arrived, I am much more conscious of my emotions and allowing myself to really feel them. Previously, I had spent a lot of energy in stuffing them down and ignoring them… [read more]

20 Great Ways to Take Care of Yourself!

MBL take care

I am a huge believer in self care.  Taking care of yourself is vital to both your health and your ability to care for another person. I spent years wishing I had been mothered and taken care of better, but then it dawned on me that I could just take care of myself. Instead of hoping… [read more]

Slow Cooker Meals Aid in Post Partum Recovery

Leek Beef Stew 820

According to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, women who have just given birth are supposed to stay in bed, be waited on hand and foot, and given lots of massages. Pretty awesome, right? They are also supposed to eat lots of hot soups and stews because they are nutrient dense and easy to digest. Having… [read more]

Causes of a Displaced Uterus


This is the year of the uterus here at M+BL!  I took a life-changing training back in January about how to put a uterus back into it’s proper place.  I also learned about all the health issues that can manifest in women who have a displaced uterus and some amazing self-healing tools like Vaginal Steam… [read more]

9 Tips for Accurate Blood Pressure Readings


photo credit High blood pressure during pregnancy is a serious condition not to be messed around with. Although it is entirely possible to have an otherwise healthy pregnancy and delivery, getting diagnosed with hypertension is usually just the beginning of a cascade of interventions for most births, whether or not there are any other issues… [read more]