Flower Pot Dessert {Paleo “dirt” chocolate pudding}

Flower Pot Paleo Chocolate Pudding

My sweet P goes to an awesome preschool with a strong play-based learning environment. The kids get lots of free play inside and out, lots of creative projects to strengthen the right side of the brain, and learn how to get along with others. There are special areas they rotate through several times a morning, including… [read more]

Host Your Own DIY Spa Party!


  Have you ever been to one of those parties where you feel obligated to buy something? You know, like Pampered Chef or Thirty-One Gifts, those type things. I personally love those parties and I am always totally down to go and buy while I’m there, because I think the socializing is fun (and socializing… [read more]

Mermaid Party and Big Giveaway!

beer place asheville 973

Finally! I am finally getting around to sharing Penelope’s party pictures! Um, I am not sure about you, but I don’t know where the last 2 months have gone. This party was actually pretty stressful to plan, since I still don’t know our new town like I knew our old hometown. I agonized about finding… [read more]

July 4th Party Decor Ideas and Flag Pole Tutorial

july 4th 2012 847

Last year I threw a little July 4th party (click here for the food menu I did) for friends.  I love throwing any kind of party, but I have learned that the smaller parties are more enjoyable.  I always want to invite everyone I know, so no one feels left out, but then you end… [read more]

THEME PARTY: Wizard of Oz Birthday

rainbow candy table 1

  Earlier this year, Penelope got invited to the coolest Wizard of Oz birthday party and I just had to share some of the pictures! My friend Amy is an absolute pro at planning parties (although her real job is an anesthesiologist!)  Throwing parties like this is something that Amy really enjoys and it gives… [read more]

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Ballerina Party Pictures and BIG Birthday Party Giveaway!

ballerina party ideas

Since pink seems to be the theme of the week, let me show you Penelope’s 3rd birthday party! I don’t think that all moms should do over the top parties if their kid has no interest in them, or if the mom doesn’t like do that sort of thing. And I certainly don’t think this… [read more]

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Link Love 11.16.12

MBL sign

Next week for Penelope’s preschool Thanksgiving feast I am tasked with bring a fruit dish and treat.  For the fruit I am either gonna do this or this (thanks Pinterest!) and for the treat I am gonna make my Grain Free, Sweet Potato, Chocolate Chip cookies but used cooked pumpkin instead of sweet potato! ViX… [read more]

Summer DIY Projects: Ballerina Party

ballerina wreath

From here on out, any DIY projects I do will be birthday party related.  I had hoped to do a rainbow party for my daughter’s third birthday but she has asked for a ballerina party, and how could I say no? These are some of the projects I will get started on soon: Ballerina Wreath… [read more]

July 4th Food Ideas


Big thanks to Hair On Earth for my bouncy curls, I have not worn my hair like that since I was a little girl and it was so fun!  And to the make up pros at Kanvas Beauty,  I was nervous about the bright, bright red lipstick but I trusted them and they were right, it looked great… [read more]

Backyard Pool Party

pool party3 151

Penelope has had several of her little friends have birthdays this spring and she has been begging me for a party for months now.  I thought I would throw her an end-of-school-year party to help celebrate and mark the arrival of summer and hope that it holds her off till her birthday in November (which… [read more]

The Great Felt Food Exchange

My HipstaPrint 836645569 (8)

This Easter, Penelope got lots of goodies in her basket.  We did our Easter tradition of a new swimsuit and towel and she also got a ton of felt food. I participated in a Felt Food Exchange with 11 other friends.  My friend Kristy, from the blog Where Do Butterflies Sleep, coordinated it.  Each person… [read more]

Healthy Easter Egg and Basket Filling Ideas


  Holiday’s usually give me a little anxiety.  The sugar consumption that goes along with the holiday’s make me nervous.  If you are able to host your own Easter Egg hunt and can have control over the things inside, here is a great list of non-candy ideas to get you going. dried fruit stickers nuts… [read more]

Apple Party, Hooray!


Finally, the apple party pictures!  I know some of you have been chomping at the bit for these, so I apologize.  It has taken some time to get back into a routine and groove after her party and traveling for Thanksgiving. I had so much fun planning this party.  The apple theme was a good… [read more]

Easy DIY Baby Gift


One of the blessings of being a woman of childbearing age myself, is that I know lots of other women of childbearing age, that are busy bearing children.  And that means I want to give lots of gifts and go to lots of showers. I mentioned on the MBL Facebook page, that I love kids… [read more]

Party Banner Tutorial


Niki, of HootyCutie Designs was kind enough to do a guest tutorial for all you lovelys.  She is an amazingly, talented seamstress and has just started up her own Etsy business.  Please give her a warm welcome and check out this very detailed and through tutorial!  She puts my sewing tutorials to shame!  Take it… [read more]

Homemade Birthday Presents


These are some birthday presents I made recently. I bought two yards of this fabric at Joann’s the day after Christmas. I pretty much bought my fabric stash for the year in one day for $60. I refuse to buy anything unless it’s on sale. This sweet pillow case dress was for a birthday girl’s… [read more]