Healthy Snacks To Go!

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If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know I’m always looking for ways to keep my sugar addiction in check. Here’s one way: Last month I made some homemade Lara Bars.   In the afternoon I always realize I am hungry as I am running out the door to go somewhere.  It was so easy and very… [read more]

Nourish + Love Episode 8 Toddler Smoothies

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I have been making Penelope fruit smoothies jam packed with extra nutrition like spirulina powder, probiotics, cod liver oil and raw egg since she was about 10 months old.  Penelope has always been a bit picky (thanks to the compromised digestive system she inherited from me, click here to see the book that explains this… [read more]

Nourish+Love Episode 6!! Yoga Squat and How To Create a Vegetable Garden


photo credit I can’t believe it has been 6 months since I started making webshows (here is a link to see all of them)!   I have learned so much about videography (which is all because of my fantastic video editor) and have come a long way since my very first one, that I filmed on… [read more]

Who’s Taking Care of the Little Girl in You?

MBL self love

The article that was written about me this month in a local magazine (I am the cover too!) is about Self Love and making yourself a priority.  So here is a quick little Valentine’s Day message from me to you about this topic! It’s just a little reminder to not forget yourself this holiday and to… [read more]

Nourish & Love Episode 5: Grain Free Chicken Nuggets and Easy Raised Garden Beds

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Can A Scarf Keep You Healthy? And Video!

cute way to wear a scarf

Here in North Florida it’s been an unusually warm winter. I have only had to pull out a coat twice.  But I try to always wear a scarf. Not just because they are cute, but because it is an easy way to protect yourself from a cold or flu virus.In Chinese medicine the nape of the… [read more]

Nourish & Love Episode 4

MBL scallops

Episode 4 is here, yo! In it, I talk about how to make my Bay Scallops with Bacon Vinaigrette one dish meal, it’s no longer scallop season here, but this meal is so flippin easy and nutritious. And I also demonstrate my 2 Minute Yoga Mama routine.  I know how it goes, once you become… [read more]

Beat the Thanksgiving Bloat with Fennel Seeds!


You know how when you eat something that is hard to digest, or maybe something you are allergic to, and then you look in the mirror and you look 5 months pregnant? You need fennel seeds. Just chew on a few after you stuff your face this Thanksgiving and you will feel much better.  Since… [read more]

Nourish & Love Episode 3: Chocolate Covered Almond & Basil Growing Tip

mBL basil

So glad to hear that y’all are enjoying my webshows!  Here is the la episode. In this episode, I show how to make my chocolate covered almonds and tell you the most important basil growing tip so you are ready to go for next spring. Thanks for watching!  And remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel while… [read more]

Nourish & Love Show Episode 2: Eggplant Parm & Squatty Potty


Episode 2 of Nourish & Love, my new YouTube webshow!  In it, I explain how I make my grain-free eggplant parmesan and I talk about the genius product Squatty Potty.  You don’t want to miss it! Thanks for watching!

Nourish & Love Show Episode 1: Natural Makeup and Green Bell Pepper Freezing Tip

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In this episode, I talk about my natural makeup and beauty products and an easy way to freeze green bell peppers. This is my very first, official webshow!  I literally have been working on this all summer, because figuring out how to make videos is really, really difficult.  Big thanks to one of my multitalented writers, Becky,… [read more]

Healthy Mexican Lasagna with Video


I saw this recipe a several weeks ago and it looked really yummy, but as usual I wanted to do my own spin on it and make it healthy.  I had a ton of tomatoes from my garden to use up and I thought it would be a perfect recipe to use them up!  The… [read more]

Sweet Potato Carbonara Video

sweet potato carbonara 200

The other day, I saw this recipe and thought that it looked really yummy, but with all that regular white pasta it was not very healthy or nutritious.  By switching out the pasta for sweet potatoes, you add a ton of nutrients and vitamins and eliminate empty calories from the starch/sugar of the pasta and… [read more]