My Secret to Beating Pregnancy Stress and Worry


It is about to get deep up in here and my crazy is for sure going to show. There is nothing like a pregnancy to make all your anxiety disorders come to life, add in that you have suffered a prior miscarriage and frankly pregnancy can become terrifying. It was my first pregnancy, my husband… [read more]

Balancing Hormones for Conception

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Since this spring I have felt the call and tug of a little soul wanting into our family.  At first the tug was gentle and patient because I was not ready yet. I flatly asked the soul for patience during our communication through meditation (check out this guided meditation I recorded to help you connect with… [read more]

Maiden to Mother Ebook ReLaunch!


This eBook has been a labor of love and I am pumped to share the revised and updated version with you today!  A new cover and a totally redesigned layout, making it easier to read and way prettier to look at it! If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or a new mom – then… [read more]

Postpartum is 3 Years, Not 6 Weeks

MBL postpartum

That’s a picture of Miss Penelope.  She is almost three-and-a-half. I don’t know where time goes!  Seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to her. It’s weird no longer being a postpartum mom and making the transition to having a kid and not a baby. Did you know that postpartum is technically three years long?… [read more]

Take Them A Meal

350x250 is one of those genius inventions that you wish you had known about sooner because it is a such a huge time-saver. If you haven’t heard yet, is a way you can systemically organize meal drop offs for a person in need. Whether it is because of a birth or death in the family or any… [read more]

Homeopathy for Post Partum Healing

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Welcome again to Piper Martin from the Homeopathic Pregnancy, who is bringing us amazing information on homeopathic remedies for post partum. For her other post on homeopathic remedies for morning sickness, click here. Postpartum is an excellent time to use homeopathy as you feel your way into motherhood.  The remedies will support the physical healing,… [read more]

Is One Child Enough?


Something that has been weighing on my mind the last few months as I recover from my most recent pregnancy and miscarriage is the idea that our culture seems to believe that one kid is simply not enough. I remember reading an article in some parenting magazine maybe seven years ago, about how four kids… [read more]

Letting Go is Easy, Moving On is Hard


I had a garage sale the other weekend. I got rid of every single piece of baby gear in my house. I kept all Penelope’s special wooden toys and all her clothes (I am talking 7 full bins worth) but all the gear, the crib, the highchair, the rocking chair, after the garage sale, the… [read more]

Spring Cleanse/Detox Follow Up


So did anyone else do the Mama and Baby Love Spring Cleaning/Detox? How did it go for you? It was a pretty great experience for me.  I did not do all the things I intended to do, but in the end it accomplished what I wanted.  I wanted it to be an overall healing experience… [read more]

Link Love 4.6.12

Party in the Sky

  I love buying original art.  My house has several pieces, some handed down, some from our travels and some from unknown artists at local fairs.  I was looking around Etsy the other day and came across  Hallie Lu Ya watercolors and fell in love with one.  The one I bought was a print, but it’s… [read more]

Inspired to Sew


I haven’t done much sewing in the last several months.  I really can’t even remember the last thing I sewed, it was probably around Penelope’s 2nd Birthday. With being pregnant and on bed rest, then miscarrying, I was barely keeping up with work and parenting.  Sewing went to the back burner, for sure. But then I… [read more]

MBL Mind/Body/Spirit Spring Cleaning/Detox


  I have been aching to do a detox pretty much since Penelope was 6 months old, but back then I didn’t think I had any options since I was breastfeeding. Now, I am able to do a full detox, but I wanted everyone to be able to join in, so I am listing all… [read more]

My Natural Miscarriage Story


Disclaimer: this post will have cursing and will be somewhat graphic at times.  If you don’t think you can handle it, please don’t read it. As most of you know from Facebook, I recently had a miscarriage. I was almost 12 weeks pregnant. The whole experience, even though I know there is always good in… [read more]

My Favorite Poem. The Journey, by Mary Oliver


I first read this poem in a book called 10 Poems to Change Your Life, when I was a teenager and immediately loved it.   It was only later, when I was older and been through a few more hurts, did I really begin to understand it.   It became a source of inspiration and courage for… [read more]

1 in 4

1 in 4 jpeg

I thought I was done with the throwing up part. I mean, I am in my second trimester now and all the books and online resources say that “most women start to feel better around the 10-12 week.” Usually there is always the pre-cautionary disclaimer of “but some unlucky women feel sick their entire pregnancy.”… [read more]