Nourish & Love Episode 4

MBL scallops

Episode 4 is here, yo! In it, I talk about how to make my Bay Scallops with Bacon Vinaigrette one dish meal, it’s no longer scallop season here, but this meal is so flippin easy and nutritious. And I also demonstrate my 2 Minute Yoga Mama routine.  I know how it goes, once you become… [read more]

A Yoga Burrito


This picture may look like I am torturing my child, but we are playing the Burrito game! I learned the Burrito game when I attended my Itsy Bitsy Yoga training ( I have been a Certified Itsy Bitsy Yoga Facilitator since 2006). It is a fun game to play when your yoga class has started to loose… [read more]

My Yoga Studio

logo door-1

So the other week, when I was putting together last week’s post about Tree Pose, I came across some old pictures of my yoga studio.  It made me want to share with you all, because this place was so sacred to me. I have been in love with yoga since I was 13.  To open… [read more]

Tree Pose

Steph in tree

This picture was taken by Robin Adams Photography back 2006, right before I opened up my yoga studio. I used this picture in some marketing collateral.  Seems like another lifetime ago!  Otherwise known as life BP (before Penelope). I love tree pose so stinkin’ much.  It is one of those poses, where when you look… [read more]

Perfectionism and Yoga


I just finished reading the book, Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses.  My friend Lia, over at The Little Cafe at the End of the World was doing a virtual book club on it.  I can’t rave about it enough!  It is full of magical personal insights, so it reads like a self-help book,… [read more]

Yoga Mama’s Way to Reduce Frustration


It’s been a frustrating couple of days with Penelope being so sick. She has had two colds before this, but this Roseola really threw her for a loop and she was miserable for almost a week.  Constantly crying and cranky and wanting to be held and wanting to nurse all the time.  It reminded me… [read more]