Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Yoga is SO important for toddlers and preschoolers. Most people know yoga is great for relaxation and emotional regulation, but they might not know that it is also crucial for brain growth. That’s right: Yoga will help your child learn to speak, read and write. Brain cells, neurons, do not form neural pathways until exposed… [read more]

Nourish & Love Episode 4

MBL scallops

Episode 4 is here, yo! In it, I talk about how to make my Bay Scallops with Bacon Vinaigrette one dish meal, it’s no longer scallop season here, but this meal is so flippin easy and nutritious. And I also demonstrate my 2 Minute Yoga Mama routine.  I know how it goes, once you become… [read more]

A Yoga Burrito


This picture may look like I am torturing my child, but we are playing the Burrito game!  This yoga pose game is so great for kids because it gives deep proprioceptive input-which is calming to their nervous system. I learned the Burrito game when I attended my Itsy Bitsy Yoga training ( I have been… [read more]

My Yoga Studio

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So the other week, when I was putting together last week’s post about Tree Pose, I came across some old pictures of my yoga studio.  It made me want to share with you all, because this place was so sacred to me. I have been in love with yoga since I was 13.  To open… [read more]

Tree Pose

Steph in tree

Tree Pose, one of my favorites. I love tree pose so stinkin’ much.  It is one of those poses, where when you look at it, it looks so easy.  Saunter your leg up, like it ain’t no big deal, and you can’t do it. You can’t even place your foot on your foot and hold… [read more]

Perfectionism and Yoga


I just finished reading the book, Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses.  My friend Lia, over at The Little Cafe at the End of the World was doing a virtual book club on it.  I can’t rave about it enough!  It is full of magical personal insights, so it reads like a self-help book,… [read more]