2013 Recap and 2014 Goals

best year yet

  Two years ago, I implemented a new way to do New Year’s Resolutions in hopes that it would give me a higher success rate of actually accomplishing my goals.  In the past, I would write a 4 page diatribe of everything that I wanted to improve on in my life and then at the… [read more]

Advent + St. Nicholas


This year I am starting a new tradition for my little family and I thought I would share. It was inspired by my sweet friend Haley and her new book: Feast! Real Food, Reflections and Simple Living for the Christian Year. Haley, like me, is Catholic, but her ebook is great for any Christian wishing to… [read more]

Is There a Healthy Way to Smoke?


Now don’t anybody go and stone me because what I am about to say is pretty radical.  Y’all know I believe that everything in moderation is healthy. Even smoking. I’m talking nicotine here, I don’t really know anything about marijuana other than I really don’t like the feeling of being high, I didn’t like feeling… [read more]

No More Ads! + Be a M+BL Angel Investor


Hey, reader! You’ve been around here awhile (Can’t believe my 4 year blogging anniversary came and went last month!). You’ve got kids of your own, maybe a couple, maybe a bunch, maybe a home and a husband. Maybe you’re a young woman, smartly starting to learn about motherhood before you conceive. Maybe M+BL has helped… [read more]

Stay Together

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Since we moved a month ago, staying connected with friends has been a priority.  I have never been so happy to have an iPhone and live in a time when I can call someone on my computer and see their face instantly.   I have never been a good keep-in-toucher, but hopefully with things like… [read more]

I am Catholic and I am Pro Gay Marriage

MBL gay

I have sat on this post for months, too terrified to actually publish it. But when my 17 year old cousin committed suicide a few weeks ago, possibly in part because he was struggling with being gay, it was the last straw. This post was originally about me being pro-gay marriage, but  I will not… [read more]

Entheos Presents: May Cause Miracles – A Free Life-Changing Seminar


Mamas! If you are short on time, don’t even read my post. Just GO NOW AND SIGN UP for this event. Trust me. If you need a little nudge, check out Gabby’s YouTube channel and website. Or her book May Cause Miracles-a 40 Day Guidebook of Subtle Shifts to Radical Change and Unlimited Happiness. Her… [read more]

Who’s Taking Care of the Little Girl in You?

MBL self love

The article that was written about me this month in a local magazine (I am the cover too!) is about Self Love and making yourself a priority.  So here is a quick little Valentine’s Day message from me to you about this topic! It’s just a little reminder to not forget yourself this holiday and to… [read more]

Let’s Talk About My Potty Mouth

potty mouth 734

Sooooo….can we talk curse words for a minute? I have been cussing on my blog since I very first started blogging back in 2009.  As M+BL grew, I started getting emails like this: “You are so awesome, I love you so much, but why do you have to cuss, can you please stop?” To which… [read more]

Ten Habits That Make Me Happy and Healthy

Health TIps 733

Over the years I have picked up healthy habits here and there.  Some I would only pull out in an official detox period, like dry brushing, and some have always been a daily habit, like lemon water. After finally reading the GAPS Diet book (it took me years to get the courage to even read… [read more]

A Seasonal Habit


A tattered, faded, pinkish chair looking orange in harsh winter sunlight coming through the window.  Ugly but with a “sink into it” comfort. I’ll be sitting here later.  A glass topped end table. With wheels.  A small metal tub sits next it. Repurposed. It used to house geraniums on a tiny porch in a bygone… [read more]

Unlock Your Greatness Event with Sarah Finks (I’m a Speaker!)


The Unlock Your Greatness Event With a Free Pass for YOU! January 28th – February 1st Did you know that the majority of women today describe their life as fine? There is certainly nothing wrong with fine. But have you ever imagined what a little bit of greatness in your life could do? Do you… [read more]