My Favorite Real Food eCookbooks

grain free homemade granola with milk (22)

I am super passionate about helping moms get their kitchens under control, their freezer stocked and their pantry overhauled with real food in the fastest, easiest way possible. Of course, I love my style of freezer cooking and use my cookbook, From Your Freezer To Your Family Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes For Every Season, on… [read more]

My Favorite Cookbooks and Giveaway!

my favorite cookbooks

My very own cookbook is the one I use the most. I am so grateful so many other moms have bought it and love the recipes as much as my family does. But even if it wasn’t a source of revenue for me and my family, I would be happy that I wrote a cookbook… [read more]

Spring in Asheville

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After falling in love with Asheville last fall, I immediately started figuring out when we could get back up to Asheville to explore it even more.  My little wish came true and my family and I were able to visit last month during Penelope’s spring break. It was so much fun!   We made our… [read more]

Healthy Fats DIY: How to Render Lard


Did you know that lard is a healthy fat? Unfortunately, a few decades ago canola oil started to be used as a substitute, but like bacon grease and real butter, lard is a great healthy fat to cook with. I had never cooked with lard until we bought half of a pig from a local… [read more]

Slow Cooker Meals Aid in Post Partum Recovery

Leek Beef Stew 820

According to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, women who have just given birth are supposed to stay in bed, be waited on hand and foot, and given lots of massages. Pretty awesome, right? They are also supposed to eat lots of hot soups and stews because they are nutrient dense and easy to digest. Having… [read more]

5 Reasons To Cook With Your Slow Cooker + All Clad Giveaway!!

all clad slow cooker1

I seriously do not know what I would do without my slow cooker.  It is literally a life saver.  I love being able to go for a walk or hang out with my family during the evening witching hour instead of trying to get dinner made. But there are more reasons to use a slow… [read more]

Healthy Snacks To Go!

healthy snacks (15)

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know I’m always looking for ways to keep my sugar addiction in check. Here’s one way: Last month I made some homemade Lara Bars.   In the afternoon I always realize I am hungry as I am running out the door to go somewhere.  It was so easy and very… [read more]

4 Kinds of Sugar Addicts + 4 Ways Not to Be One


I have always battled my love for sugar. Over the years it has manifested in different ways. I have come so far from where I was ten years ago, but I am always looking for ways to take my power back from sugar, and not feel like I am being controlled by it. I came… [read more]

Cooling Summer Tea

cool down tea 847

Holy moly, is it hot where you live?  It is summa-time here!  To be quite honest, now that we live by the beach in Palm Beach County, it is actually cooler here than up north in Tallahassee, where we used to live, because of the cool ocean breeze.    I mean it’s only mid-July, and in… [read more]

Simple, Savory Homemade Beef Stock

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  I have shared here before that I make my own chicken stock.  I use the traditional recipes in the classic Real Food book, Nourishing Traditions, for both my chicken stock and my beef stock. Bone broth is one of the most healing foods on the planet. If you do one thing to improve your… [read more]

M+BL’s Food Philosophy: How to Eat Really Well, Really


It’s taken me a long time to get to where I am food wise. I started on my health journey when I was about 18 and have been passionate about learning what healthy means and how to cook ever since. Through lots of trial and errors I have finally come to the place where I feel pretty… [read more]

Flavor in Your Front Yard: Starting an Herb Garden


It’s still wintry and chilly outside, but it’s time to start planning for your Spring garden. And for those of us in the deep south, spring gardening is already in full swing now that we’re had our last frost (fingers crossed!). If you’ve never tried out your green thumb before (and even if you have)… [read more]

Paleo Freezer Menu from OAMM

MBL paleo

So excited to tell you about  this menu!  Tricia, the founder of is a dear friend of mine and I am am PUMPED she is doing a grain free menu.For those of you that may be new, Tricia’s site is what made me fall in love with freezer cooking and inspired me to adapt… [read more]

Be A Sprouter

MBL sprout

I’ve been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver.  A fabulous read on one family’s journey to eat close to home. And an inspiration for my little family as I move us toward more local, home grown food. There’s a couple spots in the book which reference making sprouts. So…… [read more]

Lose Water Weight with Dandelion-Cranberry Tea

water weight 6 674

My weight fluctuates 3 to 4 pounds through out the month, depending on what my diet has been like and where I am at in my cycle. If I am feeling a little puffy or flabby, I mix myself up a batch of this tea and I feel better the very next day. This was… [read more]

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Beat the Thanksgiving Bloat with Fennel Seeds!


You know how when you eat something that is hard to digest, or maybe something you are allergic to, and then you look in the mirror and you look 5 months pregnant? You need fennel seeds. Just chew on a few after you stuff your face this Thanksgiving and you will feel much better.  Since… [read more]