Beech Mountain Family Ski Trip!

Ski Beech Mt-3

  Last spring we took Penelope skiing for the first time and it was such a great experience. Going on family ski trips is something I have been dreaming about for a long time.  We went to Beech Mountain, North Carolina and Beech Mountain Resort. The highest resort in Eastern America, Beech Mountain Resort (Ski… [read more]

Why My Child Does W Sitting


W-sitting is when your child sits on the floor with knees together and feet on either side of their hips. It is called that because if you look at them from above, it looks like they are making a W with their body. If you see your child temporarily sitting in this position, or use… [read more]

DIY Lunch Box Notes

DIY lunch box notes

After spring break last year, Penelope started noticing that some of her friends had lunch box notes in their lunch, specifically ones with knock-knock jokes.  She asked me to start leaving knock-knock jokes in her lunch box,too. I quickly looked up some knock-knock jokes and asked the M+BL Facebook community for ideas, too, and then… [read more]

Motherhood Is Like Surfing

motherhood is like surfing

Motherhood is a lot like surfing. Both are really, really hard! And you get your butt kicked all the time. When you are learning to surf, you have to figure out the balance, not of standing up, but of simply not falling off the board when you are laying down. Then you practice paddling around… [read more]

Living Off The Grid, Interview with Greg Seaman, Founder of

earth easy pics and video 939

I had such a great time talking with Greg Seaman, the founder of, for this podcast. Greg’s story is super interesting: He and his family lived completely off the grid for 30 years on the San Juan Islands (a place I have been, a truly magical place where you can kayak among orca whales).… [read more]

The Problem With Too Many Toys

the problem with too many toys

I have been on a mission to have less stuff for a long time. I am an organized gal, always have been. But over the years, I began really paying attention to how much time it took me to keep all my stuff neat and organized. Even though I enjoy organizing, my need to have my house… [read more]

Tapping To Reduce Toddler Meltdowns


Tapping or Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a healing tool I have used for nearly a decade. At first, it was something I only did in therapy sessions with the therapist walking me through the process. As I became more comfortable with the technique, I started using it by myself at home, in the shower,… [read more]

The Lazy Way to Great Scrapbooks


I once had a fantasy of doing elaborate scrapbooks for Penelope, chronicling and documenting every minute detail of her life with elaborate creativity.  Because at some point in my childhood I established a belief that “good” mothers scrapbook and keep photos organized. That got shot to shit very quickly. I think that scrapbooking is gorgeous… [read more]

My Biggest Secret

beach sunset

If you have been in the Mama and Baby Love community for  any period of time, you may have gleaned directly or indirectly that parts of my childhood was anything but fun. In fact, it was more than just a “not ok” experience; it was filled with different kinds of abuse and neglect. Part of… [read more]

Healing For Mothers eBook!

fsu champs

  Healing for Mothers is an ebook that has been gestating in my mind for some time, and the first stage of the book is being born today! For a limited time, you can get this ebook for free when you sign up for my email newsletter (or if you are already on my email… [read more]

2013 Recap and 2014 Goals

best year yet

  Two years ago, I implemented a new way to do New Year’s Resolutions in hopes that it would give me a higher success rate of actually accomplishing my goals.  In the past, I would write a 4 page diatribe of everything that I wanted to improve on in my life and then at the… [read more]

Advent + St. Nicholas


This year I am starting a new tradition for my little family and I thought I would share. It was inspired by my sweet friend Haley and her new book: Feast! Real Food, Reflections and Simple Living for the Christian Year. Haley, like me, is Catholic, but her ebook is great for any Christian wishing to… [read more]

Color Therapy for Kids


While working towards becoming an energy healer over a decade ago (I became a Certified Reiki Master back in 2001), I absolutely loved learning about the healing powers of color.  For the record, I am Catholic and believe that all healing comes from God and the Holy Spirit.  I believe God made the healing properties… [read more]

Cold Feet in the Morning

cold feet post 903

I can’t believe that Penelope will be 4 soon.  Where has the time gone?  I mean, it’s been a well lived and full 4 years, I have done my darnedest to be present and live each moment to the fullest with her.  Experiencing loss sure makes you appreciate every second with the one you’ve got.… [read more]

A Montessori-Inspired Kid’s Closet


My daughter recently turned three. I’m learning that as awesome as Three has been so far, three year olds (and thirty-somethings, for that matter) can be extremely particular and demanding. For several months before her birthday, SB had become increasingly interested in what she was wearing AND extremely stubborn when I chose the “wrong” things. For… [read more]

Understanding Your Child Better with Chinese Face Reading

chinese face reading 2 904

One of my biggest goals as a mother is to understand my daughter as best I can.  Not only do I want to a good mother, I want to be the kind of mother she needs.  I want to be able to be flexible to meet her needs and in the her unique ways.  I… [read more]