Link Love 5.31.13

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Holy Moly!  Moving is HARD!  I have not been this exhausted since Penelope was a newborn. So sorry I have been kind of slacking it on the blog post front. All of the packing and unpacking has proven to be very worthwhile. After only being here a week, and despite being very homesick and lonely,… [read more]

Link Love 5.10.13

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Only a few more days until we move!  It is full on crunch time.  I haven’t even started packing yet, I am in full on denial.   One of the things I have some anxiety about from moving is having to meet new mom friends.  Are they all gonna think I am weird (since I… [read more]

Blissdom and Lands’ End

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Happy Friday! Guess what?!  Even though Once a Month Mom has way more followers than me, Team MBL won the little friendly competition we had going on!!  Y’all are some dedicated and loyal fans and I love you all!  I am so pumped to be able to give away $100 Lands’ End gift card to… [read more]

Link Love 2.22.13

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Hiya! Let’s get started with some fabulous hair. I am totally obsessed with Downton Abbey!  I just finished season 2 and I am about devour season 3 while it is still free online (till March 3rd) A lot of people think pit bulls (like my dear departed Sky) are dangerous. Here’s why it’s just not… [read more]

Link Love 1.11.13


Link Love is baaaaccck!  Thanks so much for letting me take a break from posts in December so that I could regroup, and spend more time with my family. I meant to start them back last Friday, but our beloved family dog, Sky had to be put down that day.  I will post a goodbye… [read more]

Link Love 11.16.12

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Next week for Penelope’s preschool Thanksgiving feast I am tasked with bring a fruit dish and treat.  For the fruit I am either gonna do this or this (thanks Pinterest!) and for the treat I am gonna make my Grain Free, Sweet Potato, Chocolate Chip cookies but used cooked pumpkin instead of sweet potato! ViX… [read more]