Link Love 8.16.13

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  Hiya!  How’s your week going?! It’s been a busy two weeks for me going back to Tallahassee for a week to visit our friends and with the launch of my newest eCookbook! So I have some bad news… I have been drinking coffee on and off all summer as a way to cope with… [read more]

Link Love 7.19.13

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Have y’all seen this YouTube video that has gone viral? It’s a spoken word poetry by Holly McNish about having to breastfeed her sweet baby in a public restroom. It is very powerful, you gotta watch it! I love using zucchini instead of pasta in pasta dishes.  This zucchini lasagna looks amazing! My ten year… [read more]

Link Love 7.5.13

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This looks like a yummy recipe to use up all the zucchini coming out of your garden at your local farmers market. This is an interesting article. Learned lots of new things. Horseshoe crabs are 445 million years old-older than cockroaches! And that the medical industry uses their blood for it’s anti-bacterial properties…crazy! Love, love,… [read more]

Link Love 6.14.12

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Happy Friday Folks! Here’s a couple of hilarious videos that both Dads and Moms alike, will enjoy.  It’s three actual conversations between a father and his two year old daughter, reenacted by the father and another grown man.  I laughed so hard I cried! My friend over at House Unseen needs some prayers, her baby is… [read more]

Link Love 5.31.13

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Holy Moly!  Moving is HARD!  I have not been this exhausted since Penelope was a newborn. So sorry I have been kind of slacking it on the blog post front. All of the packing and unpacking has proven to be very worthwhile. After only being here a week, and despite being very homesick and lonely,… [read more]

Link Love 5.10.13

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Only a few more days until we move!  It is full on crunch time.  I haven’t even started packing yet, I am in full on denial.   One of the things I have some anxiety about from moving is having to meet new mom friends.  Are they all gonna think I am weird (since I… [read more]

Link Love 4.19.13


The actual moving process might just be the psychological death of me, but I am so excited to be moving to the beach soon, so I can start surfing again. Did you know my husband and I met in Costa Rica? I went by myself to learn how to surf better. I just came across… [read more]

Link Love 4.5.13 Blissdom/Lands’ End Edition+$100 Lands’ End gift card giveaway!!

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Happy Friday! Guess what?!  Even though Once a Month Mom has way more followers than me, Team MBL won the little friendly competition we had going on!!  Y’all are some dedicated and loyal fans and I love you all!  I am so pumped to be able to give away $100 Lands’ End gift card to… [read more]

Link Love 3.22.13

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Hiya!  Hope you have been having a great start to March!  I am so excited that Spring is here! Miracles of all miracles, I actually finished and stuck to my cleanse for a full 7 days!  You can watch all my daily vlogs over on my  YouTube channel.   I will do a big follow… [read more]

Link Love 3.8.12

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Hola! Who knew there was a specific day of the week to grocery shop to save the most money?! Oprah wants to meditate with you for 21 days! I am totally doing this. We are nowhere ready to get a puppy or adopt a dog, but if you are thinking about getting a dog, consider

Link Love 2.22.13

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Hiya! Let’s get started with some fabulous hair. I am totally obsessed with Downton Abbey!  I just finished season 2 and I am about devour season 3 while it is still free online (till March 3rd) A lot of people think pit bulls (like my dear departed Sky) are dangerous. Here’s why it’s just not… [read more]

Link Love 2.8.13

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Happy Friday y’all!  I am in Savannah, Georgia this weekend, learning all about Mayan Massage. Every two years I have to do continuing education courses to keep my massage license current.  I am super excited to see what it is all about. I am also super excited that my Grain-free/Gluten-free Baking Cookbook is here!  It… [read more]

Link Love 1.25.13

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Hello my lovelies!  How was your week?  What are you up to this weekend? So maybe Link Love is not back like before, last Friday came and went and I didn’t have time to get it up. Sorry.  Maybe twice a month is good enough?  Since I am all for being good enough and not… [read more]

Link Love 1.11.13


Link Love is baaaaccck!  Thanks so much for letting me take a break from posts in December so that I could regroup, and spend more time with my family. I meant to start them back last Friday, but our beloved family dog, Sky had to be put down that day.  I will post a goodbye… [read more]

Link Love 11.16.12

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Next week for Penelope’s preschool Thanksgiving feast I am tasked with bring a fruit dish and treat.  For the fruit I am either gonna do this or this (thanks Pinterest!) and for the treat I am gonna make my Grain Free, Sweet Potato, Chocolate Chip cookies but used cooked pumpkin instead of sweet potato! ViX… [read more]

Link Love 11.8.12

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I really couldn’t care less who is President, but this is something I really care about.  I can’t believe Californians voted no on GMO (genetically modified organism) labels and the right to know whether they are buying food products that have GMO in them.  Right now the only way to not participate in the GMO… [read more]