Selling My Cloth Diapers!!


THESE HAVE BEEN SOLD! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR VISITING Who wants them?! I am selling all of Penelope’s cloth diaper stash.  I had hoped to use them all on another baby, but since it’s not likely we are going to have another baby anytime soon, I would love for them to go to a… [read more]

Potty Time!


Similarly to our attempt at making baby number 2, we are gonna take the chill route with potty training. I am chomping at the bit to be done with diapers, especially since, the girls I was a nanny to, were total pieces of cakes to train.  I really, really don’t want to have a nightmare,… [read more]

No More Toilet Paper


I figured if I am washing cloth diapers and wipes, cloth napkins, cloth place mats, cloth dish rags (instead of paper towels), whats a little more cloth wipes? I am constantly trying to be a better person, mother, wife, and I am always trying to be more “green” and reduce my natural urge to be… [read more]

Mod Podge Fun!


This is my first attempt at Mod Podge! If you don’t look too close it came out pretty good. I am practicing for Penelope’s 1st Birthday party. I am going to Mod Podge some vases, like the one in the tutorial below, for decoration for her party. I reused a couple of bins of Seventh… [read more]

Elimination Communication


We have decided to try Elimination Communication in our house.  Err…I mean with Penelope (although Peter and I do communicate about our elimination, it goes like this, “I need to PEE! Right NOW! Can you PLEASE hold the baby!?!”) I never dreamed I would be participating in something like this.  I am about as crunchy… [read more]

Homemade Diaper Wipe Spray


I am having some technical difficulties today, so the weekly yoga pose post is gonna have to wait…so instead, here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own diaper spray! We have been using this recipe since Miss P was a newborn. While pregnant, I bought one package of 12 hemp wipes. After… [read more]

Readers Questions: Homeopathic remedies for sick babies and how to switch to cloth diapers.


Yay! I got my first couple of reader questions!  Here are the questions and answers.  Please  note, that I am not a Doctor, so this can not be used as medical advice, I am simply sharing my personal experience. Please keep the questions coming!  You can email me at Info (at) Reader Question: I… [read more]

DIY Diaper Changing Pad Cover


I think this is my best project so far, as far as satisfaction goes. Dresses are awesome, but to make something useful was pretty great. When I was done and put it on the diaper changing pad, I was totally surprised. I couldn’t believe it actually worked and turned out! It fit perfectly. This pad… [read more]

Why We Use Cloth Diapers


I got Penelope’s size large cloth diapers this week and I thought I would take a moment to explain why we cloth diaper in the first place.Surprisingly, cloth diapering has actually been a very pleasant experience. I thought it was going to be much more work. It is more laundry, but other than that, its… [read more]