My New Office and Annie Sloan Paint Tutorial

new office13

Back in March, I signed a lease and opened a little office in Jupiter, Florida, where my family and I moved last May, after living in Tallahassee, Florida for 14 years. It was really hard for me to leave my beloved Tallahassee, with all the huge Live Oak trees that were just as much my… [read more]

Ombre “ish” Lampshade Makeover

IMG 2_4164

Crafty home decor projects are oftentimes my happy place. I like crafts that my mind can find some stillness, and that can help me decompress. This one fits in the middle somewhere, the majority of it is very soothing, while the type A part of me struggled with the graduations (is that the right word?)… [read more]

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DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

his and hers

I will so have to try this soon!  I don’t have a fancy silhouette and paying someone to monogram is very expensive, so this is the perfect alternative. -Stephanie  Ok, bear with me, tutorials aren’t really my thing – and actually this is my first tutorial with step-by-step pictures . Onto the goods! I was shopping with my Mommy… [read more]

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Design Love 2

design2 159

There is a new little home design store called Peculiar Goods in my town that I popped into the other day.  I am so grateful that Penelope is in preschool 5 days a week and I do things like pop into a store and browse for 10 minutes in between meetings and errands.  I used to… [read more]

Design Love


Whenever I am in need of some design inspiration or just plain old inspiration I head to Railroad Square.   It is a gem in my little town and when I first moved here, it was one of the places that made me fall in love with Tallahassee. It is a creative haven filled with… [read more]

A Little Front Porch Makeover


If you know anything about Feng Shui, you know the entrances into your home should be as beautiful and organized as possible to keep the energy flowing well and keep it positive.  It is the area of your house that is used and looked at the most, so it should make you happy! I have been inspired by… [read more]

Organizing Children’s Artwork


I have been wanting to do a children’s art wall, since before I was even pregnant with Penelope.  It’s one of those things I dreamed and envisioned about how my family home would be for a long time. I literally started dreaming about my home when I was 5.  I remember setting up a fort… [read more]

The Montessori Bedroom


I have a wonderful guest post today from Michelle Bachman of Jill of Trades about her toddler son’s Montessori bedroom. Enjoy! My name is Michelle Bachman and I am a Work at Home Mom with two boys Jason (3) and Andrew (1). I am currently working from home through a business my cousin and I… [read more]

Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas


It is a Pinterest kind of Christmas around here.  I mean really, do you even remember what the world was like before Pinterest? Last year, I gave away an entire bin of decorations, in an effort to just have less stuff.  We live in a house with over 2000 sq feet and in a matter… [read more]

ABC Playroom Wall Art


I was so inspired by Penelope loving learning her ABC’s that I wanted to do something to keep that fire going. I had a ton of fun making Penelope’s ABC art for her newly redesigned playroom.  It was a little time consuming, and a tad logistically difficult, since the painted ones needed 2 to 4… [read more]

DIY Playroom Ideas and Makeover Reveal!


Drum roll please…Penelope’s new playroom! Here are my before photos, in case you missed them. This project came together fairly quickly.  I made the ABC wall art, the Canvas Rainbow wall art, the bean bag chairs in the tent ( I will show you tutorials for all, in the coming weeks), and painted the hallway… [read more]

Playroom Makeover Before Pictures and Update

MBL pinterest

A lot of you recently found my blog via Pinterest.  I had heard of it before all the new traffic came over, and I had heard it was addicting.  I told myself I didn’t have time for another thing to do/read online, so I forced myself to stay away, despite urging by friends. And now,… [read more]

Penelope’s Nursery


I am really on a show and tell kick, aren’t I?  I have been meaning to show you these pictures forever now.  This is what Penelope’s nursery looks like.  She has never slept in here, not even once, but it is a very pretty, clothes and toy storage room. The second I found out I… [read more]

Cool Art at My Parents House


This is kind of a lazy post today. I have five million things to catch up on and I am feeling oh, so, slightly overwhelmed. Not a lot of time for an in depth tutorial.  BUT, I do have some cool pictures to share.  I just got back from my parents house. I went down… [read more]

Backyard Swing Set Makeover


My husband and I tag-teamed to turn this hunk of junk that was about to be taken to the dump…. Into a backyard heaven, also known as Penelope’s Park, to her wee friends. On a evening walk a few weeks ago, we spied our neighbors putting together a brand new swing set for their kids. … [read more]

$7 Room Makeover


BEFORE…. So horrible!  Ugh, looking at this picture makes my stomach hurt. The mess! The clutter! The horrific curtains!! This next one may hurt your eyes.  This window treatment was meant to be a very temporary treatment, but it stayed up for years!! AFTER…. So it may not be worthy of a design magazine, but… [read more]