How I Got My Toddler To Sleep Through the Night


I have been meaning to write this post, for months!  It’s hard to get a good picture of her sleeping in low light, and I always love good passed out in the carseat shot.   Penelope has been sleeping like a champ for many months now and it has been a God-send. I am huge… [read more]

What Safe Co-Sleeping Looks Like


Well, at least for us. Its been quite the process for us to finally figure out something truly safe once Penelope became mobile. When she was a tiny baby, and couldn’t move, we never thought twice about leaving her in our bed alone to nap. When she started rolling over, I made a wall of… [read more]

YOU put the baby to sleep!


Last week, after a full weekend of my parents visiting (which if you know me and know about my mom, you know that being around her for more than 30 minutes requires the patience of Zen Master), and then doing Penelope’s six month photo session, I was stressed. Her photo sessions always stress me out,… [read more]