My Secret to Beating Pregnancy Stress and Worry


It is about to get deep up in here and my crazy is for sure going to show. There is nothing like a pregnancy to make all your anxiety disorders come to life, add in that you have suffered a prior miscarriage and frankly pregnancy can become terrifying. It was my first pregnancy, my husband… [read more]

Placenta Encapsulation

placenta pills 1

Last year I took a certification course from Full Circle Encapsulation and learned how to encapsulate placentas. I had no intention of doing it for a living, but I am so glad I got the information.  I feel that information about placentas is really a lost art and I am thrilled to be a part… [read more]

Bed Rest Tips (and only a little complaining)

MBL bedrest

I do not want to terrify all you pregnant women out there as I tell my story of what has become the craziest ride of my life. Full of ups and downs, highs and lows and moments that I may or may not have absolutely lost all sense of reality (let’s call it what it… [read more]

The Intersection of Childbirth, Motherhood, Self Discovery, and Healing

MBL pool

As much as we all want motherhood to be sunshine and roses all the time, the reality is that in between the beautiful and perfect moments, the majority of the time it is the most difficult thing in the world.  Not just simply because of manual labor and exhaustion involved, but because of the emotional… [read more]

7 Natural Ways to Avoid an Induction


You passed your due date. You’re huge, uncomfortable, sick of being pregnant, and oh-so-eager to meet your baby. Your midwife or OB-GYN suggests an induction. Do you have any other options? Yes! There are many natural ways to help kick labor into gear and they’re worth trying before scheduling that induction! Why Avoid an Induction?… [read more]

From Maiden to Mother eCourse is HERE!!


I know that I was put on this planet to help mamas and babies. No matter what I have done that last past 15 years, it has been some sort of manifestation of helping mamas and babies. And now, I am pleased to announce that the From Maiden to Mother eCourse is here! **UPDATE** Course… [read more]

Done with labor? Plan to eat – well.


OK, expectant mamas, I could run my mouth all day with advice about birth plans, birthing methods, how to avoid interventions, and midwives vs. OB-GYNs. I’ve got my opinions. But I also firmly believe that what helps me have a great birth might not be the same as what helps you have a great birth.… [read more]

Maiden to Mother Ebook ReLaunch!


This eBook has been a labor of love and I am pumped to share the revised and updated version with you today!  A new cover and a totally redesigned layout, making it easier to read and way prettier to look at it! If you are trying to conceive, pregnant or a new mom – then… [read more]

Postpartum is 3 Years, Not 6 Weeks

MBL postpartum

That’s a picture of Miss Penelope.  She is almost three-and-a-half. I don’t know where time goes!  Seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to her. It’s weird no longer being a postpartum mom and making the transition to having a kid and not a baby. Did you know that postpartum is technically three years long?… [read more]

Preggo Pager


As a Doula, I have seen my fair share of nervous Dads and MIL’s fervently texting updates and news of the laboring mom’s progression.  And let me tell you straight, nothing is more rude or disrespectful to a laboring mom doing everything she can to just survive the pain, than the clicky-clacky of individually texting… [read more]

Envision your Dream Birth Plan

MBL birth plan

When we wrote our birth plan for our first baby, my husband and I were surprised to realize how many things we hadn’t thought about before. Who was going to cut the cord? Did we want our newborn wiped off or just handed directly to me for skin-to-skin contact? Did we want to circumcise? Eek!… [read more]

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My Swollen Vagina and Other Things Nobody Told Me About Pregnancy

My Swollen Vagina + Other Things Nobody Told Me About Pregnancy

When I was going through my first trimester blues, I was noticing all these changes happening to my body, particularly, to my vagina. I keep thinking, “Great, not only I’m do I have one random stretch mark on my growing ass, but now I have a labia that has swollen past my panties.” Not a… [read more]

Home Birth vs Hospital Birth


Planning a home birth takes a lot of courage, just like doing anything against social norm – it takes courage to break away from the pack.  It’s not for everyone, and I do believe that a woman should birth where she feels the most safe.  But my wish for women is what Becky is doing… [read more]

The Story of Inanna: Part 3


You can read part 1 here and part 2 here. After three days and three nights, Ninshurbur does as she was instructed and goes to Inanna’s father to plead for help.  She beats the drum and contacts Inanna’s paternal grandfather, Enlil, and then Inanna’s father, but both are angry at Inanna for her actions and… [read more]

The Story of Inanna: Part 2


Please read Part 1 here first. Inanna begins to make her way to the Underworld, a place of magic and mystery, a vital and important force in our life and journey.   The Underworld is the womb where all things grow, not the Hell of Christianity.   As she arrives to the outer gates of… [read more]

The Story of Inanna: Part 1


When I first heard the story of Inanna at my Advanced Birthing From Within workshop from the amazing Pam England herself,  it pretty much rocked my world.  I still can’t really articulate well how it has changed my life.  It is one of those things that you can know on a deep, internal level of… [read more]