The Best Kids Yoga Books & DVDs

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How freaking cute is this picture?!  It was drizzling on this day and Penelope said she wanted to go outside and do yoga in the rain.  Who am I to say no?  So for about ten minutes she was doing mountain, warrior and tree poses, outside, in the rain, naked. I am a Certified Yoga… [read more]

Baby, Tot, & Tyke Yoga: Star Pose!


The other week when we went to the beach, we did a little yoga.  Miss Penelope and I love to do yoga outside spontaneously.  Yoga has so many benefits, but one of the reasons I love sharing it with Penelope is that it is a form of play.   And playing with your child is so… [read more]

Penelope the Yoga Teacher


This is one of Penelope’s favorite things to do.  She likes to play yoga teacher and put her dolls into yoga positions. Oh, she makes her Mama proud. Here she is putting Dolly into Plow Pose or maybe its Toes to Nose. And now she is rolling her over to do Kicky Cobra. So fascinating… [read more]

Benefits of Baby Yoga

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Doing yoga with or next to your baby is a wonderful thing for mama.  But having your baby do yoga, helps them sleep better, digest their food better and improves brain development. I rounded up all of my baby yoga pose tutorials into one handy place for new moms.  If you are here for the… [read more]

Baby Yoga: Tiny Tugs!


Oh, God, this picture makes me want my hair back. My pre-pregnancy, pre-post partum falling-out-like-I-was-a-cancer-patient hair. Hair that I had time to blow dry. I want that hair back. Ah, memories. This is a picture of Ava Grace Lake, one of the girls I was a nanny to, when she was about 4 months old.… [read more]

Perfecting Down Dog!


Sweet baby girl is perfecting her Down Dog these days. It’s so beautiful to see her do yoga throughout her day. She will just be playing or crawling around and get the urge to do some yoga and bam! She wipes out Down Dog. She is really into Warrior and Kicky Kobra too. When I… [read more]