Asheville Trip + Tea Collection Giveaway!


Over the years I have traveled to North Carolina a lot. I have family in the Greensboro area and friends in Raleigh. I love the Boone area and the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I had never made it to Asheville before this trip. I had been told many times that Asheville is an awesome place… [read more]

Causes of a Displaced Uterus


This is the year of the uterus here at M+BL!  I took a life-changing training back in January about how to put a uterus back into it’s proper place.  I also learned about all the health issues that can manifest in women who have a displaced uterus and some amazing self-healing tools like Vaginal Steam… [read more]

The Great Big Baby Carrier Post: Time to Upgrade Your Baby Sling


As a brand spanking new mom, I lust after baby carriers the same way fashionistas drool over pain-inducing heels. But with so many amazing baby carrier options on the market, the selection can be overwhelming.  Baby sling vs. baby wrap?  Which brand is right for my babywearing lifestyle? Gorgeous prints, sturdy fabrics, smart functionality, oh my!… [read more]

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Babywearing Call to Action!


(this is a picture of Penelope’s very first ride in a carrier, 4 days old!) Usually today is a yoga tutorial post, but there are many pressing things going on this week that need attention.  One is a food policy issue and the other is a babywearing issue.   Please read this post about the babywearing… [read more]

Petunia Pickle Bottom Sojourn Sling Review, Tutorial and Giveaway!!


Drum roll, please! I am very excited to announce our la giveaway! The Sojourn Sling from Petunia Pickle Bottom!! I am giving away the one above, in the picture, the fabric is called Moment in Morocco. Isn’t is stunning?! It’s a size medium and will fit a Mama with a shirt size of m-l. It… [read more]

Petunia Pickle Bottom TourGuide Baby Carrier Review

MBL petunia

Petunia Pickle Bottom sent me their TourGuide Baby Carrier a few weeks ago, to try out and see how I liked it and then relay my findings to you, my wonderful readers. Let me tell you, I was so excited to get my first product to review!  I felt like a real Blogger! I was a… [read more]