Baby Food and Baby Led Weaning with Your Slow Cooker


As ya’ll probably know if you’ve been around here awhile, I did a couple of baby food making things, but then I quickly chucked that idea and did baby led weaning.  I just don’t have the patience to spoon-feed a baby.  When I was a nanny, it was the most annoying part of my day.… [read more]

Sharing Immunities through Breastfeeding


I was recently sick with a nasty stomach bug. I worried my daughter would get it, especially since she had something similar a month or so before. As bad as I felt being sick myself, it was much more horrible to watch her little body go through it. It was definitely something I don’t want… [read more]

How To Give Your Baby Probiotics

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One of the most asked questions I get in my inbox is how to give a baby probiotics. More and more parents are getting educated and waking up to the fact that gut health is the foundation of all health and that if the bad bacteria takes over in your digestive system, you are pretty… [read more]

The Smart Baby Super Food You’ve Never Heard About

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Did you know that a baby’ first foods should be egg yolk and not a cereal? I don’t know how or why this information slipped through the cracks, and why on God’s green earth that pediatricians and a whole host of other “professionals” recommend you should give your baby rice cereal or oatmeal as their… [read more]

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Real Food Lunch & Snack Ideas

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I started making Penelope’s lunch this summer when she went to preschool summer camp for the month of June.  I was excited back then and I am even more excited now that she is back in preschool.  Making lunches just fits with my personality. It’s something to plan, create and organize.  I like thinking about… [read more]

Sweet Fruit & Veggie Popsicles

Blueberry-Kale Popsicle Feature Post Image

I made some simple blueberry-kale popsicles for Penelope’s end-of-the-school-year party earlier this month.  They such were a hit with most of the kids that I was glad I made such a big batch. I have found that forming popsicles in an ice cube tray is the perfect size for toddlers. If I give Penelope a… [read more]

Healthy Easter Egg and Basket Filling Ideas


  Holiday’s usually give me a little anxiety.  The sugar consumption that goes along with the holiday’s make me nervous.  If you are able to host your own Easter Egg hunt and can have control over the things inside, here is a great list of non-candy ideas to get you going. dried fruit stickers nuts… [read more]

10 Healthy Foods My Toddler Will Eat


Penelope is a mildly picky eater.  She wont eat everything that is put in front of her like she did when she was a baby (we did baby led weaning), but there are still plenty of healthy and nutritious things she will eat.   Here are her Top 10: 1. Eggs.  Scrambled, fried, hard boiled,… [read more]

Cultured Fruit Leathers


When I saw this recipe, I knew I had to try it.  And of course, whenever I see I recipe, I like to figure out how to make it easier and more simplified, without losing flavor. I wanted to make the recipe, very similar to how I make Penelope’s smoothies so she would be more… [read more]

Baby Brezza Review and Giveaway


Earlier this summer, I was lucky enough to be sent a Baby Brezza One Step Baby Food Maker to review.  Since we did Baby Led Weaning with Penelope, I never got into making pureed baby food. Although, I did make one recipe, before I decided to let her try to eat pieces of whatever we were eating. If… [read more]

Supplements I Give My Toddler


Some health experts will tell you that if you eat perfectly then you don’t need any supplements. Other experts say, even if you eat perfectly, you still can’t meet all your nutritional needs without supplements. Although I am certainly not an expert, I am in the other camp, and I am a big fan of… [read more]

This Moment: Love My Learning Tower


The Learning Tower we got for Valentine’s Day is as awesome as I had hoped and dreamed. No more Penelope standing on a chair with the possibility of her cracking her head open at any moment. She LOVES to stir and help. I put about a cup of dried lentils in a bowl and she… [read more]

Toddler Smoothie Recipe


I started making fruit smoothies for Penelope when she was about 8 months, maybe even a little younger, I can’t remember. Note to self for next baby: write shit like that down!! My love for smoothies has just gotten deeper over time.  They are a powerhouse and workhorse in my arsenal for making sure Penelope… [read more]

Are Raw Egg Yolks Safe for Babies?


So this was supposed to be a post about toddler smoothies, but as I started typing, it digressed into a post about raw eggs. Are Raw Egg Yolks Safe for Babies? Last night my husband and I got into an all out brawl because he noticed me putting raw egg yolk into the blender and… [read more]

Fried Bananas for Babies


Yup. Fried bananas for babies is a great snack for them! And mamas for that matter. Penelope used to love bananas and now she is sort of on a hiatus, although she will eat them dried with her dried strawberries that I get from our local Co-op. First get you some good bacon fat. By… [read more]

Current Giveaway: Green Toys Feeding Set!


Green Toys sent me a set of their BPA Free Feeding Bowls, Feeding Utensils and Plates.  They came just in the nick of time.  Penelope has been doing really great with Baby Led Weaning.  She pretty much eats whatever we are eating for dinner now.  She is not eating a ton in general, and sometimes… [read more]