DIY Lunch Box Notes

DIY lunch box notes

After spring break last year, Penelope started noticing that some of her friends had lunch box notes in their lunch, specifically ones with knock-knock jokes.  She asked me to start leaving knock-knock jokes in her lunch box,too. I quickly looked up some knock-knock jokes and asked the M+BL Facebook community for ideas, too, and then… [read more]

Easy Toddler Easter Craft

2014-03-27 09.12.46

Ever since I started taking ceramic wheel throwing class this past year, my creative side has awakened. When Penelope was a baby, my primary outlet was sewing, but I have always loved painting and making art. I love using art as therapy; I find it so therapeutic. Penelope is such a little artist, too. Unlike… [read more]

DIY Kids Christmas Craft Ideas

rudolf bun

Last year I did a couple of Christmas crafts with Penelope that were really fun.  She got such a kick out them, and they were all great fine motor skill practicing opportunities.  For this Christmas tree button one, I bought a big bag of buttons and some pipe cleaners.  You tie a little knot at… [read more]

Back To School, Time To Get Organized and Mindful

photo (30)

As most of you know from reading this blog, one of my gifts is being highly organized and efficient with my time.  I get emails all the time asking me how I do it all.  Seriously, I am still trying to figure out the answer to that because I don’t think I have it all… [read more]

What Do You Do With 1,000 Seashells?


  I am, at best, a reluctant crafter. The closest I usually get to crafting is a pinning frenzy on Pinterest. I don’t own a glue gun. I do have a bottle of Modge Podge I bought in 1998 for a project in my daughter’s nursery. But we have an issue here at Casa Bolsa.… [read more]

Valentine’s Day Round Up

MBL valentines

Are you getting pumped for Valentine’s Day?  I try to keep things simple by doing one new DIY and one new recipe a year, but I love crafting and decorating and with Pinterest it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and want to make everything you see! But if I just do something different each year and… [read more]

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Valentine’s Day Craft for Toddlers

MBL craft

Hi folks!  My name is Leslee, and I have been helping out behind the scenes of M+BL since last year and this is my first post! My two-year-old daughter loves to paint, so today I’m sharing a fun Valentine’s Day painting craft we did recently. I love crafting and love making things with my daughter.… [read more]

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How To Display Your Child’s Holiday Artwork

holiday kids art1 328

Like I mentioned the other week, I am obsessed with collecting and archiving Penelope’s artwork. I wanted to figure out a way to do something special with her holiday artwork so I can bring them out for display each holiday as a part of my holiday decor. My living room has a couple of big… [read more]

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DIY Children’s Artwork Book

artbook1 324

I got this idea from my daughter’s preschool.  On the last day of her month of preschool summer camp this summer, she brought home this little book of all the art she did. I loved it because it archived her art in a way that was easy to store.  I have quite the process going… [read more]

Organizing Children’s Artwork


I have been wanting to do a children’s art wall, since before I was even pregnant with Penelope.  It’s one of those things I dreamed and envisioned about how my family home would be for a long time. I literally started dreaming about my home when I was 5.  I remember setting up a fort… [read more]

Valentine’s Day Felt Crafts


  I did a little crafting last week to lift my spirits a bit and to get into a mediative state.  I think its pretty interesting how repetitive movements can pull you into a trance or quiet, still place without even trying.  When I sit and mediate, it takes forever to my mind to settle.… [read more]

Easiest Halloween Decoration Ever


Like I mentioned in this post, I had some left over chalkboard paint from when I did Penelope’s playroom makeover.  And now I wander around my house, mentally referring to my chalkboard pin board on Pinterest,  trying to find things I can paint with chalkboard paint. One Fall, several years ago, I thought it would… [read more]

Canvas Rainbow Playroom DIY


I had so much fun doing this project. It was time consuming, because I had to do several layers for each canvas.  But like the ABC wall art, I did it a little bit a time and went slowly, doing a bit when I could. I found this is the best way to do projects… [read more]

ABC Playroom Wall Art


I was so inspired by Penelope loving learning her ABC’s that I wanted to do something to keep that fire going. I had a ton of fun making Penelope’s ABC art for her newly redesigned playroom.  It was a little time consuming, and a tad logistically difficult, since the painted ones needed 2 to 4… [read more]

How To Draw A Labyrinth


Yesterday, I talked about Labyrinth’s and how awesome they are, and today I will show you how to draw one. You can draw one on anything; paper, sidewalk, paint one on a bed sheet (so you could walk it), you can even sew one, or make one in your back yard with river rocks. First,… [read more]


MBL labyrinth

Labyrinths are amazing things.  Have you ever walked one or seen one?  They come in all different shapes and sizes and each one has a very unique look and energy to it. The one in the picture above is the only one in Tallahassee, that I am aware of anyway.  It’s at a place called Litchgate.… [read more]