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Mama and Baby Love Freezer Meals

MBL Freezer Recipes

Learning about bulk cooking and making freezer meals is single-handedly the most transformative thing in my role as a mother and wife. It is the most important skill a woman needs to learn if she wants to have enough time for all her passions and get a healthy dinner on the table every night. Bulk… [read more]

Yoga for Toddlers and Preschoolers

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Yoga is SO important for toddlers and preschoolers. Most people know yoga is great for relaxation and emotional regulation, but they might not know that it is also crucial for brain growth. That’s right: Yoga will help your child learn to speak, read and write. Brain cells, neurons, do not form neural pathways until exposed… [read more]

The BEST Way to Preserve Your Child’s Art

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Over the years I have experimented with different organization, storage and display ideas for Penelope’s artwork. I have mega hoarding tendencies, to be sure, but I am also just a huge art lover and want to save every single last piece of her art. Making art is a huge part of my life and a… [read more]

Apothecary Kids


One of my dearest blogging friends, Donielle from Natural Fertility and Awareness and author of Naturally Knocked Up, has started a new business called Apothecary Kids. She and her husband are making herbal salve products that are super awesome. They are safe for kids of any age, and great for adults, too. I have used… [read more]

Milk, Sweat and Tears. What To Do When Your Baby Won’t Nurse.

Milk, Sweat and Tears blog post image

Not being able to breastfeed your baby, when you really, really, really want to, is the worst feeling as a mother. I have written extensively about breastfeeding over the years here but I have never done a complete round up post about our whole journey or written a conclusion to the saga. ¬†Today is the… [read more]

Summer Reading List

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This is a list of mostly newly released books, perfect for mamas who are into self-help, eating healthy, making art and conscious parenting. Now that school is in back in session, no better time than to finally get around to posting my summer reading list post, ha! ¬† This list below is actually a list… [read more]