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Hi, I'm Lauren! You can find me blogging over at Simply Inspired Mama, a blog about all things Mama and home. And my struggles to get my kid to eat, play nice, all the while trying to get a gorgeous picture, and make a curtain.

My Secret to Beating Pregnancy Stress and Worry


It is about to get deep up in here and my crazy is for sure going to show. There is nothing like a pregnancy to make all your anxiety disorders come to life, add in that you have suffered a prior miscarriage and frankly pregnancy can become terrifying. It was my first pregnancy, my husband… [read more]

Bed Rest Tips (and only a little complaining)

MBL bedrest

I do not want to terrify all you pregnant women out there as I tell my story of what has become the craziest ride of my life. Full of ups and downs, highs and lows and moments that I may or may not have absolutely lost all sense of reality (let’s call it what it… [read more]

DIY Transition Boards


In my opinion, everybody has some struggle with transitions, even adults. But for kids, it is usually even harder. Add to that a special need like some sensory issues or separation anxiety and transitions may become a constant battle. These children may not understand the flow of a day, may become frustrated at the thought… [read more]

Five Fall Fashion Must-haves – on the Cheap!


What’s up, Mamas!  I’ve been MIA around here for awhile, you know, birthing babies and what-not.  I will soon be filling you in on all the stories of bed rest, gestational diabetes – and my crazy birth story! So despite being in post-partum land, I am officially forcing Fall into my life. I kid you… [read more]

The Period Frown


Tell me, tell me, please, I am not alone in suffering from the period frown. That moment when you realize Aunt Flo has arrived and despite the fact that you are not even trying to get pregnant, actually you are trying to NOT get pregnant, you still frown at the thought of no new life… [read more]

Get Beautiful Skin with Oil Cleansing!

MBL oil

I was beyond skeptical when I first heard of oil cleansing. Um, no, rubbing oil all over my sometimes-oily-skin does not sound like a good plan, BUT then I started doing a little snooping. I would call it research, but really I am not the researching kind. I am more of the “find the info… [read more]

Handmade Children’s Gifts

IMG_ 2 2427

Last year I decided that every year I would make a handmade gift for the boy. A special gift from me to him, I hope he will save and enjoy and someday (very far from now) pass on to his own children. I know, I know, I am a sentimental NUT, I can’t help I… [read more]

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Ombre “ish” Lampshade Makeover

IMG 2_4164

Crafty home decor projects are oftentimes my happy place. I like crafts that my mind can find some stillness, and that can help me decompress. This one fits in the middle somewhere, the majority of it is very soothing, while the type A part of me struggled with the graduations (is that the right word?)… [read more]

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Pumpkin Smoothie

IMG_4873 2

I love all things pumpkin: pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin pie. Do you see the problem? All my pumpkin involves a baked good full of sugar. My friend posted a picture of a pumpkin smoothie and I knew I needed to try my hand at one. I pinned a bunch of pumpkin smoothie recipes… [read more]

The Odd Mom Out

IMG_odd mom out

Love this post from MBL writer, Lauren.  I don’t have as fancy a car or bag as she, but I also feel that limbo, not normal enough for the normal moms, not crunchy enough for the crunchy moms.  -Stephanie Motherhood has brought so much joy to my life. I am happier than I ever thought… [read more]

Photography Tip

MBL tip

Great post from MBL writer, Lauren.  She took the pictures of me that are now all over the blog, she is super talented, don’t let her fool you. -Steph I am not sure how many times I probably preface most of my photography  tips with this next statement, but I want everybody to know: I… [read more]

DIY Stencil Monogram Pillows

his and hers

I will so have to try this soon!  I don’t have a fancy silhouette and paying someone to monogram is very expensive, so this is the perfect alternative. -Stephanie  Ok, bear with me, tutorials aren’t really my thing – and actually this is my first tutorial with step-by-step pictures . Onto the goods! I was shopping with my Mommy… [read more]

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Taking Summer into Fall


I don’t know about you but at a certain point in the summer I begin to crave Fall! The scarves, the boots, the tights, oh my! It gets to the point where I refuse to buy anything that would not work for fall. Well, unless it is a great amazing deal, after all a deal… [read more]

Summer Clothing Obsession: Blouse, Shorts, Wedges

shorts wedges

This year, I have started to put much more effort and care into getting dressed.  It’s been a personal transformation of sorts to really start believing I am worth the time, effort and money to get dressed in a cute outfit and start allowing myself to be “seen.”  Mrs. L is a bit of a… [read more]