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Cassandra has been a fan of M+BL since 2010 and in 2012, she was hired on as Stephanie's assistant. Since then her role has grown into advertising management and Nutrition Editor for the blog. Living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and daughter, Cassandra is currently pregnant with her second child and has started a blogging services business, specializing in virtual assistant placement.

Is Organic Junk Food the Gateway Drug to Eating Healthy?

organic junk food

In the information age, we are constantly pulled between extremes of ideas and scientific understanding. We’re bombarded with conflicting information and powerful arguments to believe one thing or another. Many of us are left feeling guilty, or perhaps even superior, for our ideals or lack thereof. One pervasive idea is that junk food, of any… [read more]

9 Tips for Accurate Blood Pressure Readings


photo credit High blood pressure during pregnancy is a serious condition not to be messed around with. Although it is entirely possible to have an otherwise healthy pregnancy and delivery, getting diagnosed with hypertension is usually just the beginning of a cascade of interventions for most births, whether or not there are any other issues… [read more]

How To Look Good Without Makeup

How To Look Good Without Makeup

I don’t know about you, but as a mom with a two year old, I spend many days feeling run-down, burnt-out, draggin’-ass tired. That directly affects my appearance. The problem is that when I looked around for ways to spruce up my everyday look without going crazy, I couldn’t find many options. Have you seen… [read more]


sun set

I won’t lie that I really struggled to write this post. I wasn’t even sure if December would be a good time to share it because this sort of thing is generally saved for the time of renewal at the beginning of the year. Then I thought about the rampant depression that hits especially hard… [read more]

Making a Waldorf Doll


My daughter turned 2 in October. For a long time, really since I was pregnant, I had my eye on those neat Waldorf dolls. I saw them talked about and featured on so many different blogs, talking about the natural fibers and beautiful simplicity. The ones that struck me the most were people talking about… [read more]

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Healthy Flourless Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake 2 426

Fatty desserts can be really amazing if you do them right. As I pointed out in the original post, you don’t want to combine your fat with carbs, so it’s imperative that you find a recipe that is almost exclusively fat, or combined with just protein. A bit of sweetener is fine, but try to… [read more]

3 Ways to Flavor Egg Salad

egg salad-farmer eggs feature

On my second day of featuring fatty recipes, I figured egg salad would be perfect. It’s relatively cheap and very versatile. The key to delicious and healthy egg salad is first using good quality, pastured eggs. Secondly, you need to use homemade mayo, which not only guarantees you will be getting a high quality fat,… [read more]

Grain-Free Sweet Potato Porridge


Have you checked out my post on the importance of fat yet? If you have, you’ll understand how awesome this recipe is to get you a big, delicious, healthy serving of fat first thing in the morning. This recipe was originally meant to be a custard that I thought would be fantastic to add in… [read more]

Have You Had Your Fat Today?


“Eat the way your body was designed for you to eat, and a lot takes care of itself.” – Nora Gedgaudas* I’ve talked about the importance of fat a few times before. As the food on this blog is focused on the research done by Dr. Weston Price, the truth about saturated fat should already be… [read more]

Real Remedies for Muscle Soreness


After I started working out at home, the first thing that I reflected on was,  “OW this really hurts!” Even the most hardcore atheletes still experience muscle soreness after an intense workout so I knew it was par for the course no matter what I did, even if I took it easy. However, I did… [read more]

Workout for a True Beginner


Exercise has never been an important part of my life. Although I did some sports as a kid and have a lot of love for swimming, I’ve just never wanted to exercise. While some of it stems from pure laziness, it was also a lack of energy, a lack of interest, past experiences and injuries,… [read more]

Healthy DIY Spice Mixes


Spice mixes are not exactly a unique concept for making yourself and there are a bajillion recipes out there that are all vaguely similar. My point of this post is not really to sell you on some magical recipe that will transform your dishes into culinary masterpieces. What I am doing is giving you 4… [read more]

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Vary Your Veggies


Growing up, I didn’t get a lot of exposure to different varieties of foods. We had a very picky eater in the family that had to be catered to because, well, he was an adult and couldn’t be forced to eat better like kids. This presented yet another challenge to be overcome when I finally… [read more]

DIY Toothpaste


Continuing on our Healthy Teeth Week, I bring you a homemade version of toothpaste. The best part of making your own toothpaste is that you can stretch the OraWellness oils if you’re on a tight budget and if you followed my multipurpose must-haves post, you should have the main ingredients on hand already! And as… [read more]

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Cavity Prevention Secret Weapon

MBL teeth

Cavities. They’re scary when you’re a little kid, but maybe even more scary when you’re a mom remembering your own dental problems. Maybe it’s worse, maybe you’re in the middle of your own dental problems and watching your kid develop them at the same time. Fortunately, there’s an easy tool at your disposal to give… [read more]

Real Food Books for Children


As many parents, caregivers and teachers are aware, books are a great way to introduce children to new concepts and situations. The stories and visuals allow an idea to blossom in the mind, making a connection to something the child hasn’t actually experienced yet. It also bridges the gap between something a child has experienced,… [read more]