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If you would like to invite Stephanie to speak at your group, business or conference please email for pricing and availability.

Upcoming events:

November 7-9, 2014, Mom’s Meet Wow Summit, Orlando, Florida. 

  • Energy overload: Finding a body/mind balance.  Moms are on high alert 24/7, and that constant energy build up can wreck havoc on the body and mind. During this session, Stephanie will explain why being a mom is so stressful and show you how to discharge and release that energy in a positive way, so you can transform into a happy, healthy and powerful mama.
  • Healing For Mothers: Yoga exercises for tension relief.  Join Stephanie for a workout session that focuses on releasing deep and chronic tension that can get trapped in the body. Release everyday stress and big traumas from your past. In this session you’ll experience yoga-like moves that help you remove the blocks that hold you back from being the mama you want to be.

September 13, A day long workshop in Palm Beach County that will help moms release chronic tension and stress, learn self-care/self-healing techniques and learn how to save time in the kitchen and clear blocks so that they can actually implement change and healthier eating habits. More info coming soon.

May 31st, 1-3p Williams-Sonoma in the Gardens Mall.  Slow Cooker Freezer Recipes assembly and cooking demostration AND bulk freezer smoothie demonstration. Learn how to be super effecient in the kitchen and save lots of time, so you can spend the extra time on yourself!  Call 561-799-2425 to sign up.

April 12th at 7 to 8:30p, Transformational Studies Institute, Jupiter Fl.  Causes and Symptoms of Uterus Displacement. Did you know that your uterus can get out of place?  About 80% of women are walking around right now with their uterus in the wrong place.  And it causes a myriad of health issues from infertility to digestion issues.  Come meet Stephanie Brandt Cornais of and learn the symptoms and causes of a wandering uterus and how Mayan Abdominal Therapy can help.  900 East Indiantown Road, Jupiter, Fl 33477 (Stephanie’s new office!).  Email with questions.