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Hiya!  How’s your week going?! It’s been a busy two weeks for me going back to Tallahassee for a week to visit our friends and with the launch of my newest eCookbook!

So I have some bad news… I have been drinking coffee on and off all summer as a way to cope with the transition of moving. Good news… I found a great local coffee house that does cold brewed ice coffee with almond milk and that also sells gluten free cinnamon rolls and cupcakes.  :)

Good thing I found another cool workout website with the kind of elongating, easy workouts I like to do at home, and they are free!

Love this article about how to convince a reluctant spouse about eating real food.

The free Breastfeding Revolution Summit is still going on, click here to check it out and watch my video interview with Christine.

Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  It is such a brilliant idea. You fill out an online style profile and you can even share your style pinterest board online and then a personal stylist picks out several outfits for you based on the price point you select and sends a package. You keep what you want and send back the rest.  I have done it once and loved what I got, can’t wait till my next fix comes!

I am so impressed that Kate Middleton had a drug free, vaginal birth and is now breastfeeding. It would be so cool to meet her one day!

So many great review posts of my cookbook this week! Everyone is loving the new book, yay! Check them out:

Oh Lardy

Carrots For Michaelmas

100 Days of Real Food (about my recipes are perfect for babies and baby led weaning)

Fabulous Mom Blog

Love this new vintage inspired Shabby Apple dress I was sent! They have lots of other vintage clothing type looks that are just adorable. I am realizing that I love to wear dresses as much as Penelope does, they truly are much more comfortable than pants!

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Here’s some other recent photos from my adventures lately. You can follow Mama and Baby Love on Instagram to see them all in real time.

How cute are these kittens!  I wanted to take the whole family home! I have never seen a cat Mama nurse kittens before and it was amazing to watch.

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Penelope really wanted to take them home too!

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I finally made Wellness Mama’s gummy fruit snack recipe and it is awesome!  Great way to get gelatin into your or your kid’s diet, if you don’t drink a lot of homemade bone broth.

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Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  This weekend we are getting ready for school to start and celebrating my husband and I’s 10 year anniversary!  Happy Anniversary Peter! I love you very much! And it’s the last weekend before school starts back.  Hallelujah!  I can’t wait to be back into a very structured routine.

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  1. I LOVE Fitness Blender!! We stumbled across them a month or so ago. They seem like such a down to earth couple, and the bloopers at the end of some of their “talking” videos are so cute!

  2. If you like workouts that elongate – have you checked out barre/ballet workouts? Specifically jessicasmithtv does some great ones – only 30 minutes and safe to do around little ones (where you don’t worry about stepping on them or banging them with a heavy weight). There’s a Cardio Ballet Sculpt and Kickboxing Ballet and one other one.

    • I have not been to a class yet, but there is a place here in Palm Beach that is a whole studio of nothing but Barree classes. I can not wait to try them out!

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