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This looks like a yummy recipe to use up all the zucchini coming out of your garden at your local farmers market.

This is an interesting article. Learned lots of new things. Horseshoe crabs are 445 million years old-older than cockroaches! And that the medical industry uses their blood for it’s anti-bacterial properties…crazy!

Love, love, love this article!  She writes,  ”I thought of gluten intolerance as a prototypical ‘white woman’s disease,’ as awful and sexist as that sounds, and is. I thought it was something that a small portion of the population actually experienced, and a much larger portion mostly imagined.”   I always feel like people are judging me and Penelope for being gluten free, as if our gluten sensitivity isn’t real because we are both not diagnosed with Celiac disease.  And that so many people (personal friends and other health professionals) think that taking gluten out of your diet to help your health is a load of crock.

Hallelujah!  In two 5-4 decisions, the Court determined that the federal government could not define marriage to exclude same-sex couples and that the Court couldn’t reverse a decision in which California’s Proposition 8 was deemed unconstitutional. So the feds must now recognize gay marriages from states where it is legal, and California can rejoin that group of states.  If you missed how I feel about gay marriage, you can read it here. I have never been more excited about the next election.  Change is coming.

Here’s a few  recent Instagram shots. Follow me over there for all the instant fun.

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It’s so amazing to me that we can go for a short walk before bedtime routine and that short walk will land us at the beach.  I have always had a practice of gratitude and counted all my blessings, but man, living here is such an amazing blessing.

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The last two months Penelope has asked for a pet.  We are not ready to get another dog, since it’s only been 6 months since our beloved Sky dog passed away, but we could handle fish.  I was thinking a simple glass bowl in the kitchen with one fish.  But oh, Penelope had other plans.  We ended up getting three  Gold Dust Molly fishes and a 10 gallon tank.  And she named them Coral, Mowanda and Shoshawnda.  Where she got those names, I have no idea.

photo (8)

Penelope is really into the Lion King right now and requested lion cookies.  This was the best I could come up with.

photo (11)

This author has my heart forever.  Now I know I promised to never say those two words here on M+BL anymore, but I am not writing it, just showing a picture of it, so I can get away with it!  :) This was a promotional button that she had made for her book launch party.  Pure genius.  She was kind enough to mail me one, because I saw it on Instagram I flipped out and needed to have one immediately!  You can check out her new book and blog here.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hug your babies tight and savor each precious moment.

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  1. Hahaha oh the names!! So funny!

  2. Thank you so much for including the link to the article on gluten sensitivity. I have been primarily gluten-free for the past 6 months and feel wonderful. I don’t have Celiac disease, but I truly believe I have a gluten sensitivity. When I was eating a diet that was high in wheat I experienced lethargy, anxiety, and brain fog. When I started the gluten-free Paleo diet and eliminated gluten (and virtually all grains for that matter) I felt rejuvenated. I had so much more energy and felt mentally sharp again.

    When I don’t join in and grab a piece of bread with dinner or skip the greasy pizza at the office lunch party, people look at me in amazement and assume I’m on a low-carb diet to lose weight. No, I just don’t want to eat wheat and processed junk!


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