Confessions of a Reluctant Composter


My husband and I have a certain attitude toward our urban garden. I like to think of it as “simplicity,” but with a little more honesty, I might admit to “laziness” being our gardening style. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed, so we like to keep our homesteading as uncomplicated as possible. Our attitude toward composting is no different. It can be easy and low maintenance and yield good results. (Or, you can be more meticulous than we are and it will yield awesome results.) But if you’re just starting out, don’t worry about perfection. You’re playing with trash and dirt – just jump in!

Last week we dug into the soil created from our compost heap. The black, rich dirt smells heavenly and our little plants are loving it. But I have to confess that for the longest time I thought composting was just for uber hippies and gardening nuts. It seemed kind of gross to keep egg shells, banana peels, and old coffee grounds in a container on the counter, not to mention a huge hassle to put them outside in the compost instead of dumping them in the trash with everything else.

Composting Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

When we did start composting about three years ago, it was a far easier than I thought it would be. But before I share our simple composting routine, you might be wondering, why go to the trouble? Some of the primary benefits to composting are the amazing nutrients you will be adding to your soil. Your garden plants use up nutrients as they grow that need to be replenished. Your kitchen scraps that would be wasted can become rich soil giving your plants just what they need. After we started composting and I saw how quickly our container of kitchen scraps gets filled up, I realized how much unnecessary waste I was sending to the landfill! Composting is a great way to reduce your household waste. 

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  1. We have started “composting” to reduce kitchen waste, but it’s really just me throwing fruit cores and peels in the corner of our backyard :)


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