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Hey, reader! You’ve been around here awhile (Can’t believe my 4 year blogging anniversary came and went last month!). You’ve got kids of your own, maybe a couple, maybe a bunch, maybe a home and a husband. Maybe you’re a young woman, smartly starting to learn about motherhood before you conceive. Maybe M+BL has helped you in some way, or you’ve learned something from us, followed along on our adventures in the kitchen and out in the world, and hopefully had a few laughs along the way. You’ve watched us grow like you watched your family grow. Now, hopefully, you feel like part of the M+BL family – and we’re happy about that.

Since you’ve been hanging around, this year you may have noticed something different. We didn’t just redesign the website – we took down all ad network ads, where I could not control what type of ads were being shown. We still have one google ad that I can’t control, but it only shows stuff that you have been googling, so it’s not gonna show you anything you wouldn’t want to see anyway, but eventually the google ad will come down too.

For a long time, I let the ads on my site because they were the only stream of revenue I had, it was a conscious compromise and since that day I have been working hard to build a site that could fund itself without having to rely on ads.  Even with my ebook sales, the ad revenue made up a large portion of money coming in and helped my ability to run the website. But too often the brand in the ads wasn’t something I wanted to support. Even though it was painful to lose that income, I feel that it is more important to maintain the integrity and positive energy of my website.

While I still have my ebook sales as income, that revenue fluctuates each month and I would love to have a chunk of money in savings as working capital so I can quit operating on a month to month basis.

So I am doing my own version of an ongoing Kickstarter campaign and I am open to receiving gifts from my loyal fans and readers to help me create a savings fund for working capital and to fund some big projects I have in mind, that need working capital to come to fruition.  At any time, if you so feel moved, you can support M+BL by sending a paypal donation. 

If Mama and Baby Love has helped you, inspired you, comforted you, or you just plain like and enjoy what Mama and Baby Love represents, you have the opportunity to send energy back to me to help me continue my work, continue my passion of sending love and light into the world and helping to support and heal mothers.

If you would like to invest in Mama and Baby Love and work I am doing in the world simply click here.

Gifting to Mama and Baby Love will ensure that I will be able to continue to run a successful online business and that I will not have to depend on large, low-integrity corporations to fund my work.

Or if you don’t want to give a straight up gift, you can always buy one of my ebooks  (or become and affiliate and earn 50% of sales when you promote my ebooks) or book a private Skype consultation with me to help support M+BL.

Everything – gifts and business revenue – goes to helping fun M+BL business projects. It might be working capital to pay sub-contractors, production costs, and get projects off the ground.

My greatest joy is to be of service to my family and of service to mothers around the world. Thank you for supporting Mama and Baby Love and helping to make my dreams come true.

Send a gift today.

Lots of Love,
Stephanie :)

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Hiya! I'm Stephanie. Mama and Baby Love is all about helping mothers on their own personal health and healing journey and enjoying life along the way. You can learn more about me and what I'm all about. Sign up for my newsletter for more tips, info and inspiration!


  1. have you considered making it membership-based? you provide a lot of great info…. maybe with a bit more creative thinking and configuration you could somehow offer it via a monthly / annual subscription. just a thought :)

  2. I think Dana’s idea is a fabulous one :) Have you heard of Leonie Dawson ? She’s a crazy Australian hippie Business Goddess (for want of a better description) who kinda does what you do…. She has a private forum which she calls her “Goddess Circle” which you pay $99 a year to access and you get all her e-books and courses for free, plus a private forum. This is basically just about adding a couple of extra web pages and making them password protected. There’s a stack of Forum software out there if you wanted to go this way.

    Check out her site (no, I’m not an afiiliate :) ) – I got her e-book “Business Goddess” a couple of years ago now and she’s put all her tricks and tips for marketing, website set up, online shopping etc into it and its really useful for little things which you might not have though of. People are always blown away when I tell them I have online shopping on my Blog, but honestly – how easy is e-junkie ?

    Leonie offers online workshops (e-book plus meditations, videos and forum support) as well as her coaching and retreats and I think its well worth looking at what she offers as I think it would fit in well with your approach. You could do a cooking series with videos ? Perhaps seasonal in keeping with the Nourishing Traditions approach ? Or how about a basic yoga series – sun salute, cat and cow and maybe some easy twists with your little one as well ? Or a call to 30 days of morning Yoga with your Children (I’d do this like a shot !)

    Check out Alisa Burke for a very similar model – she does online classes and then makes them available afterwards – this is SUCH a simple model because its just about adding a password protected page with the class content (of course, you have to work up the class content !!)

    I’m very happy with my purchase of your e-books and am about to add the Gluten Free Baking one. I think that your site is excellent and I have recommended it to many of my girlfriends – we are all at the same stage with young children and I particularly like your solid approach to food. So much out there today is faddy or downright dangerous. I’d be very happy to pay $99 for a years access to your materials and to recommend it to my girlfriends, in the same way I recommend Leonie if they need help with their small businesses :)

    I am impressed with your integrity (I hated the stuff that the auto ads put on my Blog – I’d be talking about diet and wellness and there’d be ads for bariatric surgery. Ugh !) and I really hope this works out for you !

    • Thank you so much Molly! I am actually coming out with an ecourse this September that will be a password protected page with a ton of content, but it never really occured to me that I could do that for the whole site. I will keep thinking about it and check out those resources, thanks again!!

      • No worries ! Can you tell I was a Reference Librarian in a previous existence ?! :D

        Looking forward to that e-course !

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