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Happy Friday Folks!

Here’s a couple of hilarious videos that both Dads and Moms alike, will enjoy.  It’s three actual conversations between a father and his two year old daughter, reenacted by the father and another grown man.  I laughed so hard I cried!

My friend over at House Unseen needs some prayers, her baby is alive and well, but she has PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membranes).

This video broke my heart a little bit.  If anyone bullies Penelope for being gluten-free, I just might actually lose my mind.

Ooh, I found the best workout video channel on YouTube!  I came across this super cool video of some Tibetan yoga workout moves and then I checked out several of her videos and they are great!  I will def bookmark her page for some new workout moves to try.  I work out less than 3 hours a week and I keep my routine about the same, but I change the moves up a lot to keep my body from getting used to one specific workout.

Part of Penelope’s Sensory Processing Disorder (she just got diagnosed if you missed it on Facebook) is that she hates getting her face wet and washing her hair.  I ordered this thing yesterday, that helps keep the water away from her face, hoping it makes hair washing less of a battle.

A reader sent me this article about a mother’s sharing her story of her daughter’s SPD, it has a great little video that kind of explains what SPD is. SPD is a spectrum so some kids have it more severe than others, and each kid has different ways in which SPD manifests – some seek sensory experiences, some avoid sensory experiences and some have a mix like Penelope.  I will do a more in-depth post soon.

Living by the beach is awesome, but I really miss my huge vegetable garden.  I recently bought a few herb plants just to have something to tend to, until I can figure out what I am going to do for my actual veggie garden while we are renting.  This is a good container veggie gardening post from one of my favorite bloggers, Mindful Momma if anyone is lacking backyard space like me.

There are some stylish Mamas where I live now, in Palm Beach County, and I have seen quite a few rocking these colorful summer pants:

summer pant

I am working up the nerve to see if I can rock a pair.   Have you seen a great pair at a good price?  So far the best price I can find is a pair from Billabong, but I don’t love the pattern.

Almost 10 years ago, it was love at first site for my uterus. She knew that Peter, my now husband, would be a great father to our future children. And she was right! He continues to raise the bar high for fatherhood.   A good read for all the Dads who aim high:

“Aim high as a dad. “We need to raise the bar for fatherhood. If a man is around and is a good provider and doesn’t yell at his kids and goes to soccer games, we say that’s enough,” Cookston said. “But we need to expect more in terms of engagement, involvement and quality interaction.”

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there that are raising the bar, being conscious, working on their baggage, and trying parent better than the parenting they received.

Here’s a few shots from Instagram this week.  Follow me to see more. 

Does anyone else chop vegetables while watching TV?  I usually can’t stand to watch TV because it makes me feel so unproductive, but chop veggies and watch TV, that’s up my alley. These veggies were for a testing round of new slow cooker freezer recipes, a mini eBook is coming out in August!

photo (5)

I am hopefully going to sew a July 4th dress for Penelope this month, I got out this fabric that I have been hoarding for awhile to see what kind of dress I am inspired to make for her, some variation of a pillow case dress because that is about the only kind of dress I can sew.

photo (6)


Are the pretty beach pictures getting old yet?  I just can’t help myself.

photo (7)

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  1. Beach pictures never get old!

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    Really looking forward to future posts about SPD!

    I often iron/fold clothes or knead bread while watching tv. Never thought about chopping vegetables…sounds fun!

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