THEME PARTY: Wizard of Oz Birthday

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rainbow background 1

Earlier this year, Penelope got invited to the coolest Wizard of Oz birthday party and I just had to share some of the pictures!

My friend Amy is an absolute pro at planning parties (although her real job is an anesthesiologist!)  Throwing parties like this is something that Amy really enjoys and it gives her joy and her daughter enjoys them as well.  She is a mom I look up to in that way. It’s not about being the best or about being perfect, it’s about doing something you love and having fun. I think there are some moms who feel threatened or bad about themselves from parties like this, as if only “good” moms throw parties like this for their kids.  So if you are reading this and start to beat yourself up for not throwing elaborate parties, please don’t.  Not everyone woman likes planning parties, and not every kid likes them, and that is ok. When it comes to kid’s birthday’s, do what makes you and your child happy.

BUT if you do love elaborate parties, then feast your eyes my friends, this one is fantastic. It’s filled with inspiration and fun ideas.

It was her daughter Katie’s 4th birthday. She was in heaven and having a total blast the whole party.  Here she is with a few of her friends, taking full advantage of the self-serve rainbow candy table.

rainbow candy table 1

rainbow candy table


Amy set up several crafts for the kids to do and also set up this table to put the finished crafts on so the parents didn’t have to lug around the crafts at the party.  Witches hats, tin mans, and rainbow necklaces crafts to name a few.

craft table 2

She decorated the craft table sessions to match the craft theme!

tin man craft table

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