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Holy Moly!  Moving is HARD!  I have not been this exhausted since Penelope was a newborn. So sorry I have been kind of slacking it on the blog post front. All of the packing and unpacking has proven to be very worthwhile. After only being here a week, and despite being very homesick and lonely, I know this is the place we are meant to be, not just so my husband is happy, but for our whole family.  Since we are a two minute drive from the beach now, there will be lots of pretty pics on my Instagram account.  Follow me over there to see them all.  Here are a few Instagram shots from the last couple of weeks.

photo (3)


Depsite me missing my friends and old neighborhood terribly, it is pretty damn beautiful here.  I’ve been doing my daily morning walk on the beach, it’s been hard to sink in that I actually live here.


photo (1)


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Part of the reason this move was so difficult was because the house we moved from, I had lived in for the past 8 years and it was the first house that was mine to nest and create a safe space that nurtured me and took care of me.  I had never experienced feeling safe and secure in my own home until this house.


Anyhoo, on to some clickable weekend reading for ya.

This is interesting, Have American Parents Got It All Wrong?

Sweet read,  I hope that all moms give themselves a break and give other moms a break too!

Great post from Denise in Bloom, 25 Ways to Use Lemon Essential Oil.

I want these so bad!  I think these are the coolest garden markers I have ever seen!

Super cool app my friend in California told me about.  You can scan any barcode of a food product to see if they support GMO food labeling and who their parent company is.

Have you heard of this book?  Ketchup is a Vegetable and Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves.  It is hilarious.  I have met the author Robin, of, several times at conferences and she is so sweet and down to earth.  Add it to your summer reading list for sure.

This parenting resource looks super helpful.

Great article about the benefits of reading aloud to kids at any age.

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Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hug your babies tight and savor each precious moment.

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  1. Brittany says:

    What a beautiful place to live! I would love walks on the beach. I shared a baby quilt I made for my little sister who is expecting her first baby this summer. I can’t wait to give it to her.

  2. Thanks so much for the link party! I’m so jealous of your new hometown. I live in Colorado and I really miss the water! It sounds like it will be a great place for your family. Also, I’m really glad you posted the article, “Have American Parents Got it All Backwards?”. I read the article a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely love it. Good luck while you unpack and get settled!

  3. Congrats on the move. Thanks for checking out our post about Healthy Imposters…love your nuggets! I linked up to a recent post on how our family shops for real food and saves money at Costco! Thanks for hosting!

  4. I couldn’t imagine moving with our toddler – hope she is settling in. Your pictures make it seem you are in South Florida now. While I have lived in Palm Beach for 5 years now I still feel that I am living in vacationland, minus the having to work and all! Enjoy exploring your new hometown :)

    • She is finally starting to feel better. We just found out she has Sensory Processing Disorder, so moving, new things and things being out place are especially hard for her.
      Glad to know the lala-land feeling of Palm Beach County doesn’t get old!

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