How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken


Have you ever wondered how to cut up a whole chicken?  It’s pretty intimidating and it is something I had no idea how to do.  And since I buy whole chickens in bulk from a local farm, it’s a skill I needed to have.  I have gotten by without having this skill,  the last couple of years by roasting the chicken and then taking the pieces off for whatever dish I wanted to make like chicken soup or chicken enchiladas.

Even if you don’t get your chickens from a local farm, buying a whole chicken is much cheaper than buying chicken breasts. So for those of you who struggle with eating real food on a budget, this could help you get some more all natural, chemical and hormone free meat into your diet.

I headed over to my good friend Matt Hagel, chef of an amazing local farm to table restaurant,  Miccosukee Root Cellar  (he also did the forward in my cookbook!) and he gave me the run down on how to cut up a chicken.

Check out this video to learn how to do it too!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the great tutorial. Do you know of any resources for finding local chicken farms? I’m in Southwest Florida and have been struggling to find an alternative to the Publix Greenwise chickens. Thanks for your help!

  2. Great video and blog. I love roast chicken or cook in a crock-pot/slow cooker with veggies all the time. The smell is wonderful when you make a chicken dinner. I think once you starting cooking a whole chicken you do not go back to purchasing chicken “parts.” :) Once all the meat is off the bones, I love to make bone broth as well. I use the slow cooker for this too. Put the bones, water, apple cider vinegar, salt, and crushed garlic cloves in the pot and let it cook all night. It is delicious! Thanks for the post and video!

  3. Thanks! That was so helpful!

  4. Thanks, Stephanie! That was an awesome video! I’m so glad I subscribed to your blog. :-) I’m gonna look at how I can support your blog more so you’ll keep the good stuff coming!

  5. Thanks to this tutorial, I now ONLY purchased whole chickens from the farmer’s market. A huge money saver!

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