Simple, Savory Homemade Beef Stock


I have shared here before that I make my own chicken stock.  I use the traditional recipes in the classic Real Food book, Nourishing Traditions, for both my chicken stock and my beef stock.

Bone broth is one of the most healing foods on the planet. If you do one thing to improve your diet, I would say it should be to add one cup of bone broth every day, either through cooking with it or just straight up drinking it out of a cup. Not only is it packed with nutrients and bioavailable calcium from the bones, but it’s also got gelatin, a very healing substance.

Making beef stock has one more step in it (roasting the bones and marrow for a bit), but it is still a very easy process. You literally just dump things (carrots, onions, celery are the basics!) into a huge stock pot, bring it to a boil, then let it simmer for 24 hours.  Then ladle out the bones and veggies and put the liquid in containers (I usually do 2-cup portions) and freeze until you need to use it.

Here are some other great links and resources for tips and info about making beef stock:

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You will want to compost the veggies and then chuck the bones.  Once you have taken out all the nutrients there is not much left for them to do other than be thrown out.

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  1. S- what all do you personally throw in your stock pot? im curious and will be trying soon…after our heatwave in CA is gone! I’m also going to steal all the bones from Thanksgiving for turkey stock..

    • Any kind of meat bones. The beef bone broth I just made was half oxtail and half bones from several t-bones steaks I had been saving. Then carrots, celery, onion, raw apple cider vinegar and parsely the last half hour.

  2. Lauren Wall says:

    How do you simmer for 24 hours? Do you leave the house during those 24 hours? Do you turn your stove off at night and let it sit covered, and then return to a boil and reduce back down to a simmer for the rest of the cooking time in the morning. Or do you let it simmer over night? I feel a little nervous about leaving the stovetop unattended. Thanks for your feedback!

    • Good question! My husband used to feel nervous about it too. We have an electic stove top, so I feel fine letting it simmer all night. I wil even leave the house for a small errand too. I don’t know how I would feel about a gas stove top though, so things make me nervous. A slow cooker works too.

  3. I mentioned on another post that the crock-pot or slow cooker is another great way to make your bone broth without worrying about safety. And the smell that the bone broth just fills the house as it cooks. Yumminess!

  4. Angela N. says:

    I have a real dumb question… is there really such a thing as cold season in south Florida? I’ve only been to Florida once in my life and have a hard time envisioning stock, scarves, kleenex, and tea! I didn’t realize that all those cold weather viruses get passed around in warm weather climates.

    I’ve made bone broth twice…and it has never gelled. I read your link. Have you been successful with a gel?

    • Well, this is my first South Florida winter in 22 years so we shall see, but in Tallahassee for sure. In Tally, we get several weeks of hard freezes. But I bet it does happen down here, because people get sick from the change in weather. Yeah, I have had pretty good luck with gel. Sometimes I score the chicken feet and that is suppossed to help.

  5. Hey here is a blog that I just love about not eating highly processed or refined food and I just love the whole chicken in a crock-pot recipe that then links up to a bone both recipe in the crock-pot I’m telling you that this is great stuff and have sent mane people to this blog.

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