Yup, I am Gonna Talk About Vaginal Steam Baths


Oh Lordy, y’all are gonna think I am insane. But I have already talked about energy healing, eating my placenta and making sure your uterus is in the right position. Besides, Martha Stewart and Oprah have talked about vaginal steam baths, so here it goes…

Vaginal steam baths are basically a detoxing facial for your lady parts. They cleanse, tone, and nourish your cervix, uterus, and vaginal tissues.  Women  have been doing them for centuries and they are just starting to come back in fashion as women like me are starting to lift the veil and search out ancient traditional healing methods that got lost in the shuffle of the last several generations.

They are helpful for:

  • bladder and yeast infections
  • hemorrhoids
  • infertility
  • irregular and painful periods
  • uterine fibroids
  • perineal tears
  • scarring from C-sections
  • hysterectomies and laparoscopies
  • it also boosts circulation to the pelvis — which means increased oxygenation, dilation of blood vessels, and a relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles that tend to cramp or spasm before or during menstruation

They are great to do after a couple days of doing castor oil packs on your abdomen and/or after your period.

I did my first vaginal steam bath after my most recent period – my first period after my Mayan Massage training course. I also did it on the 6th day of my 7 Day Cleanse as way to add in some additional detox and relaxation to the cleanse.

First, I gathered some fresh herbs from my herb garden.  You can use any kind of fresh herbs that you want.  I have fennel, rosemary and parsley growing right now so that is what I used. Each herb has different medicinal properties to it, so you may want to get specific based on your specific needs. For example, use an herb like basil for its antimicrobial properties.

A good blend of herbs to try are Basil, Calendula, Oregano, Yarrow and Lemon Balm. 

Before cutting off any herbs from the plant, I asked permission from the plant to cut off some of its leaves to aid in my healing, said a prayer to God to have this herb help heal me, and thanked the plant for aiding in my healing.

Then I brought a pot of water to a boiling point and added the herbs.  I again said a prayer and asked for God to bless the herbs and the properties of these plants to aid in my healing.  In Mayan tradition, the prayers are extremely important to the actual process and without the prayers the vaginal steaming will not be helpful.  I’m Catholic, so I felt called to pray to Mother Mary, and pray for her blessing and help in healing my fertility and female parts. You can pray to whomever you want to pray to.

I stirred and prayed and let the herbs infiltrate the water for about 10 minutes, then I turned off the heat and got my chair ready. I used a wooden chair with slats on the bottom so that steam could actually get to my lady parts.  If you don’t have a chair with openings, you could also place the pot of water in the bottom of your toilet seat and sit on your toilet. You just want to make sure the distance between the steam on your hooha is far enough that you don’t burn yourself.

Then I put the now gently boiling pot of water and herbs underneath the chair, took off my panties and sat down with my iPad mini.  You want to stay seated for 20 minutes and do something relaxing. Some women like to meditate, some like to read and just be quiet and relax.

After the steam you may notice some slight cramping or vaginal discharge. This is normal and ok. The cramping is a way for the uterus to rid itself of toxins and any blood that is stagnant and old.

I really enjoyed my first vaginal steam bath and do feel that it helped me detox and heal. Only time will tell if I can get pregnant and stay pregnant and how my periods will be from here on out, but I do think I found a very important tool for my female health. Vaginal steams are now going to be integrated into my regular self care routine. I have always been a huge fan of self care techniques and, since I didn’t have a mother that could take care of me, I learned very early on that I needed to take care of myself. I so hope that you will give this a try yourself and take charge of your own health and healing.


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  1. Rachel says:

    What herbs would you recommend for infertility with the steam?

    • I am not sure if there is one herb over another that works best for infertility, but am taking an advanced course in Mayan Massage this summer, so I will know more then. My best advice is go with your inuition. Do any herbs seem to stand at the forefront of your mind? Any herb will be helpful.

  2. Well, I now consider myself quite informed! :) Great post M+BL! Keep ‘em comin! May be trying this soon as ‘AuntFlo’ due to depart soon and she was very very rough this visit! Thanks!

  3. Awesome article!! Can’t wait to try!!!

  4. KimberlyAlecia says:

    Thank you for sharing this and the Mayan massage. Self care I can do! Thank you, thank you.

  5. Thanks for sharing this wisdom and healing technique. We need to relearn all these mystery traditions of caring for ourselves and each other.

    Are there any contraindications that you know of?

    • Amen! Pregnancy is the only one I know about. I take my advanced Mayan Massage training course next month, so I will learn more then and share of course!

  6. I hear red clover blossoms have been used for years in the Cherokee tribes for infertility. My grandmother (100% Cherokee) told me about vaginal baths years ago and I actually remember laughing it off. After 6 years of infertility and hearing more and more about them, I’m giving it a try…hey can’t hurt right :)

  7. Do you think this is safe or beneficial to do during pregnancy?

  8. Essential oils recommended for infertility all have to do with cleansing candida, things like lemon, melaleuca & oregano. I know oregano oil can burn if not diluted so i would use caution on using the oil but i don’t see why you can’t throw a lemon and fresh oregano in the bath for infertility cleansing. :) I’m doing lots of studying on oils these days and different classes to get myself better suited for self care and family care. So I may do this using oil and using fresh and see how each goes.

  9. Hi, I just had my daughter four weeks ago ( c-section ) do you think there is a certain amount of weeks after labor before doing this?! Your posts are great

  10. Is this safe to do with an iud? Not trying for infertiliity but just to cleanse any herbs you reccomend?

  11. DANIELLE says:


    • I am not sure specifically, I think Mugwort is the best for tightening. But if you do this regularly, it will help with tightening for sure. In other parts of the world women start doing this after about 6 to 8 weeks post partum to help them heal and tone their uterus.

  12. Not 100% related Stephanie, but I just finished a book tonight that sounds like you’d like it – you were cracking me up, asking permission for cutting the herbs. The Hummingbird’s Daugher by Luis Urrea has a couple of traditional, herbalist healers (one of which becomes a Joan of Arc-esque icon) and I think you’d love it. I’m only half-hippie, and I loved it.

    • Lol, I am only half a hippie. I feel ya. In some areas I am full blown hippie, but in others not so much, I drive a big ole SUV and shave my pits. :)
      But that book does sound awesome, I will have to read it soon, thanks!

  13. Epsom salts in the bath or a sitz bath is also a great way to help many of these issues.

  14. I PCOS Ploycystic Ovary Syndrome. which means I have rough and long periods. I once had a period for 30 days and then go six months or more without a period. Do you think I would benefit from this? I would like to give it a try.

  15. While the concept of a vaginal steam bath seems awesome……I would find it VERY hard to take the time to talk the herbs before harvest, talk to “god” before I touch the plants in the earth and then the long process after of prepping and bathing. I am proud of myself for just brushing my teeth each day and putting a pair of clean underwear on! With two toddlers the idea of vaginal steaming is NOT one bit of practical and sort of comical! But I guess we all could dream…..or hire a nanny while we cleanse ourselves!

    • It takes two seconds to pray. I pray all day long. I do my self care whether it is a detox bath, yoga, meditation, journaling, vaginal steam baths, at night after my daughter is in bed. I would never do a vaginal steam bath in front of my toddler. Now that is comical. :)

  16. What is the best herb to use for hemorrhoids?

  17. I love this post and would love it if you provided a list of herbs and what they can do for you

  18. Am a mother of 4 kids,my last baby is 1+ 6 months,can vaginal steam bath help 2 tighten my vagina?

    • YES! Women in Asia do this for this reason and this reason only. They just want to be tight for their man. Which is insane to me, I don’t do anything just for a man! But it is a nice extra benefit if you are interest in that. ;)

  19. Any updates? Did it help in getting pregnant?

    • Hey Jess! Thanks for asking. I am still working on getting ready, so we have not officially begun to try yet. But I will keep everyone posted for sure. I do however believe everything I mention in my fertiliy posts will help.

  20. Hi. I have been battling interstitial cystitis for months now and traditional medicine is bringing no relief. Do you think I would benefit? My IC has recently brought on vulvodynia as well so I am desperate for any type of relief. Any recommended herbs? PS. I love your site!

  21. As a Haitian woman I can contest to these, we do this after childbirth and your period. African and guyanese women do this too. This has been our culture for centuries, its not crazy, its very natural and cures your body.I had horrible cramps and this cure it. It keeps your vagina tight and fresh.One thing I will suggest once the water cools, wash your vagina with the herb water. We use mint/peppermint/ginger. You will feel so different. Lighter periods too!

    • Awesome, thanks so much for sharing! Yes, my periods have been much lighter, since I started doing the abdominal massage combined with the vaginal steam baths.

  22. Hi! I love your site.
    I would like to try this. I have a warm mist humidifier. Do you think that would work? It has a place where you can put essential oils that will disperse in the mist, i wonder what oils would be good?

    thank you

  23. Shenigirl says:

    Great info. Could you please list herbs to help with healing a prolapse uterus. I have been trying to find a remedy for 8 years. Thank you

    • I am not sure of specific herbs, but I do know that an actual Mayan Massage treatment will correct a prolapse. Look at the uterus posts I wrote and click on the link where I say you can find a practioner in your area here.

  24. Is this safe during breastfeeding? Can dried herbs be used in winter? I had 2 natural miscarriages in the past year. One of which was a blighted ovum (no baby ever formed, just the sac and placenta) that I carried for 12 weeks. Then a “real” miscarriage at 8 weeks. My uterus needs some attention! Thank you for all these posts

    • Yes! You will detox a bit, but it will all come out from your pelvis and you will either pee it out or get increased mucus..so its not like the toxins are going into your blood stream and in your breastmilk. Go to ArvigoTherapy.com and try to find a practioner in your area. The self care stuff I write about is super important but if you have major healing to do, you should go get a session. It’s so relaxing and incredible effective. If you are in Florida, come see me!

  25. i cant wait to try this ! but i wonder … is there any way we can use fruits too ? to add a scent i gues… i read that we shouldnt use essential oils, so could we possibly throw a orange slice or apple maybe into boiling pot ?

  26. Hi, I was recently searching all over to find some good methods for cleansing away like bad odors and tightening and ran into this post. I have an IUD (I seen you already answered this) I’m just so curious why isn’t it a good idea?

  27. Hi, I love this site… Great way to heal naturally… I would like to know what herbs are good to use for fertility problems, I all about herbs… I am trying to conceive after 10 years (my son is 10 years old)… Had a miscarriage (blighted ovum) last year…


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