The Healthiest Night of Sleep You’ll Ever Get: Obasan Organic Mattresses + Exclusive Offer! $95 to $269 value!!

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When we think “organic”, we think “food”. After that, it’s maybe “clothes” or “cleaning supplies”. I don’t see anyone selling organic computers or iPhones (yet!), but, I’m going to tell you about a product that I bet you didn’t even realize could be organic: your mattress. 

Yep. That Sealy or Simmons you’ve been sleeping on for years? Covered in chemicals. Did you know that chemicals found in mattresses, like flame retardants, can cause a host of health issues, from eczema to chronic headaches to asthma? Why spend all day putting healthy stuff in your body when you’re going to surround it with bad stuff at night?!

Obasan has been in the mattress making business for 25 years and in 1995 they totally transformed the company and switched to only making organic mattresses.

The organic mattress that they will build for you will combine the finest ethically sourced, organic materials with a unique customization process to create the perfect organic mattresses, free of harsh chemicals.

I actually cried tears of joy when Obasan sent us a twin mattress for Penelope (as well as a crib mattress, because at the time Penelope was still getting out of her bed in the middle of the night and wanted to sleep on the floor, but post new mattress she stays in her bed, so we will use the crib mattress for the next baby).  I have wanted an organic mattress for her for SO long!

When it arrived, I immediately took it out of the package. I was just about to take it outside to air it out like I usually do if I buy furniture (to let it off-gas outside for a couple of months before bringing it inside) and I nearly squealed with delight when I remembered I didn’t have to – because it was organic and completely chemical free!

I loved how comfortable it is too!  My husband is actually pretty jealous that Penelope is sleeping on such a nice mattress!  It kind of feels like one of those memory foam type mattresses.  For Penelope’s bedtime routine, we take turns laying down with her, reading her books and then cuddling with her till she is sound asleep.  Her mattress truly is heavenly.

Watch this video to learn all about why you should have an organic mattress and why I wish I had moved buying an organic mattress up the financial priority list.

Here’s the best part: Obason is giving Mama and Baby Love readers and exclusive offer!  You can get a free matching size Wool Moisture Pad protector with any Terra Nova Crib Mattress ($95 value) or Fundy Kids Mattress ($161-$269 value depending of the size ordered) purchased.

All orders would have to be placed during the month of April 2013, directly with an Obasan Sleep Specialist at 877-762-2726 and mentioning this coupon code: M+BL2013 or you can just say you heard about Obasan from Mama and Baby Love. *NOTE* This deal is now closed. 

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Obasan – because when you sleep well, you live well.


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Disclaimer: I was sent free product and paid for this post, but y’all know me, I tell like it is and I only rave about things here that I would tell my best friends about anyway. You can view my full disclosure policy here.

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  1. P is so adorable!! We will probably be getting a new mattress in the near future, and I didn’t even think to look into organic mattresses. Great video :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I want to get one of theses threaded for my daughter. Obasan carries both natural rubber and spring crib mattresses. Is there one that you would advise over the other? Thanks!

    • We have the rubber one and we luh-uv it. My husband and I have a non name brand, temperpedic like mattress and that is what our daughter’s reminded us of, but WAY nicer and more comfortable. If you call, their customer service people will help you figure out which type is best for you.

  3. Hello! Did you and your husband end up getting obasan organic mattresses? Just checking if you’ve taken the plunge yet (since they’re expensive) and if you’ve had them long enough to share your opinion. Maybe you went with another brand? Thanks so much!! :)

    • Hey Stacey! We haven’t yet. Our current mattress is still working fine, but when it comes time to replace it, we will for sure replace it with an Obasan. We LOVE our daughters! Her bed is so comfy! I love laying down with her to put her to sleep. :)

  4. Another questin for you… Sorry… I’m overwhelmed with all the areas to consider when choosing a mattress: coils, no coils, rubber, wool, cotton, dust mite protection, etc. etc.! Did you look into naturepedic? Do you have any dust mite barrier on Penelope’s mattress?

    • I have a wool mattress protector and then an organic cotton one over that. I am so pleased with her Obasan one, still to this day. Can’t wait till we can get a king size mattress one day!

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