Nourish + Love Episode 8 Toddler Smoothies

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I have been making Penelope fruit smoothies jam packed with extra nutrition like spirulina powder, probiotics, cod liver oil and raw egg since she was about 10 months old.  Penelope has always been a bit picky (thanks to the compromised digestive system she inherited from me, click here to see the book that explains this concept well), but she has always loved her smoothies.

Giving your child a smoothie like this will take some of the pressure off the rest of the day, because you know your child at least got one meal of solid and perfect nutrition jam packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Click here to read the recipe or watch my video tutorial below.  This is another post you might enjoy-10 Healthy Foods My Toddler Will Eat. 

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  1. Can you give me any more information about the safety of eating raw eggs….it makes me a little nervous.

  2. lia dominique andress says:


    We’ve stopped eating meat and I want to know is there something I can substitute the cod liver oil with? Flax seeds?

    Love ya!

    • CLO can not be replaced! While flax seeds and oils can be a part of a healthy diet, there is absolutely no plant product on earth that can give you real vitamin A and D. They are only found in animal products. I can understand limiting animal products if that makes you feel better, but the nutrients found in meats can’t be replaced with plants unless you do it artificially. If I were doing a purely plant based diet, I would at the very least make a concession for CLO.

    • Yeah, I am with Cassandra, CLO can’t be replaced. Nothing is more important than CLO, especially in young children when brains and nervous systems are growing so rapidly. Have you read the GAPS Diet yet? Highly recommend it.

  3. Christine Taylor says:

    How do you add the cod liver oil to the smoothie? Do you have suggestions for cod liver oil with toddlers outside of smoothies?

    • I just pour it in the mason jar from the jar of cod liver oil. I just eyeball it. When Penelope was younger I could get away with putting some on her butt at a diaper change (your skin absorbs the nutrients even better than eating it) but she is potty trained now.

  4. Christine Taylor says:

    What kind of cod liver oil to you use for her?

  5. Stephanie … do you add all the remaining ingredients before you freeze the smoothie fruit portion? I’m confused on that part as it seems like it would then make sense to just do it the day off if you are adding later. Also, my boys are 17 months. Should I do the CLO oil on their bums and how much and often each day?



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