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As a Doula, I have seen my fair share of nervous Dads and MIL’s fervently texting updates and news of the laboring mom’s progression.  And let me tell you straight, nothing is more rude or disrespectful to a laboring mom doing everything she can to just survive the pain, than the clicky-clacky of individually texting every single one of  your nearest and dearest.

Enter the PreggoPager, a free service that is simple and easy to use to keep important people in the loop with real-time labour updates.  One update automatically gets sent to all your close friends and family, without having to blast it on Facebook for all the world to see. 

Registration is now open for PreggoPager’s basic service in eleven area codes throughout North America including New York City, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta, Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton.

The service allows users to enter the names and numbers of up to ten people they want to keep updated via voice or text. PreggoPager provides a single phone number to use and the person calls the number to record up to a minute-long voice message, or they will text the same number and the message will be sent en masse. PreggoPager calls or texts all the people on the list instantly the moment they hang up, or click send.

I am pretty excited about this service!  If I am so lucky to have another child, I will definitely be using this the next go-round.

PreggoPager – no stress, no worry – one call to tell them all!

Sign up for free at and check out this video to learn more.

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  1. Here’s a novel idea: how about we just try to live in the moment and focus on the birth of the child instead of trying to stay electronically “connected” to those who have nothing to do with the event! Not to be rude, but babies were born many years before facebook and texting. Nervous grandparents and friends just had to wait. And we survived. Sometimes I think when we are trying to stay “connected” with everyone we miss out on connecting with the one who is in front of us.

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