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Who knew there was a specific day of the week to grocery shop to save the most money?!

Oprah wants to meditate with you for 21 days! I am totally doing this.

We are nowhere ready to get a puppy or adopt a dog, but if you are thinking about getting a dog, consider myth of the herd immunity.  Penelope is not vaccinated, and I have not had pressure from friends or family thank God, but I am worried that when we move to South Florida where natural living may be impossible, I might get some harassment.  But now I have a great article to send to anyone who gives me shit.

Seriously?  Chicken and Waffles potato chips?  Oh. My. Gawd.

I love rap.  I love Jimmy Fallon.  I love Justin Timberlake.  Thank you God for giving me all three for 10 full minutes!! Watch this video if you like those things too!

Oh, this made me laugh too: Dear Mommy Blogger: Your Perfection Makes Me Distrust You.  And it made me think, it’s really hard work to be the kind of blogger who is constantly putting myself out there and being real and vulnerable and not just blogging about pretty and perfect, I’m glad to know that there are readers out there that want the real me.

I have been working up the courage to start the GAPS Diet for a loooooong time.  I am still not there yet.  I can wrap my mind around no grains and no sugar, but no sweet potatoes or fruit and I feel like I am gonna die.  So when I came across Whole30 (via my homegirl Tricia at Once a Month Mom), which seems like a much easier and more manageable version of GAPS, I thought I would give it a try.  It did not go well.  Day three ended in a pizza binge.  But Monday I am starting a 7-day cleanse with Jill, The Kitchen Goddess holding my hand the entire time, just like she did 10 years ago when she gave me my first cooking lessons.  Follow me on YouTube to see my almost daily videos of what I eat and how I am feeling.

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Nutrition. Life. Love. 

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  1. Thanks for hosting Stephanie! We’re moving on to something exciting in The Granny Plan … our first main dish! Drop to join us for 12 weeks of real food mastery. For more thoughts on transitioning to a real food diet read my post “How to Find Your Real Food Style”. I’m also sharing a few thoughts on posts I loved in February.

  2. Thanks for posting the herd immunity myth article. My children are also not vaccinated, and we used to get a lot of crap about it from our pediatricians…so much that we do not go at all anymore. However, my 3 year old and 21 month old have only been sick once, and that was from the flu this season that I probably contracted at work (a hospital). It seems like all of the vaccinated kids we know are sick ALL the time. I feel like it can’t be a coincidence.

  3. Linked in my post about a recent photography class I took that gave me the confidence to say goodbye to Auto, and start shooting manual only! Also, very excited about the meditation class with Oprah. Signing up tonight!

  4. Thanks for the link up! Over at A Plethora of Pondering’s, we have been talking about serious things. However, I decided to lighten the mood a bit and post about our double bedroom makeover we did recently! Check it out!

  5. Stephanie- can i just say THANK YOU for the link to j tims and j falls?? they are a fantastic combo and i appreciate anyone who also loves this duo :) in addition, thank you for your continued posts about anything and everything because i feel like they are a GREAT resource for anyone, and for people in varying situations. i have recommended you to a bunch of my friends and family and i look forward to your daily posts about family, food, personal growth and silly stuff ;) thanks!


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